Kanye West/Taylor Swift.

Okay everyone. One of the biggest issues right now is the Kanye West stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift and telling the audience Beyonce is a better singer.  Obama even called him a Jack*** for doing that to her. Taylor is such a sweet girl and after that happened, she didn’t have anything else to say. I believe she was in shock of what had … Continue reading Kanye West/Taylor Swift.


Hey everyone. So I am a journalist who will be writing articles about different subjects.  I will be writing romance blogs for my school’s newspaper. Here is a previous one I wrote. http://media.www.bucks-news.com/media/storage/paper653/news/2009/04/13/Features/Students.Depending.More.On.Septa-3711345.shtml Just copy and paste this into the tool bar. I hope you all will read my writings and enjoy what you read. *Sunsetslover* Continue reading Centurion.