Jon and Kate.

Two of the biggest celebrites right now are Jon and Kate Gosselin.

From when the show first aired, I personally used to watch it because I love kids and thought it was cute. But then it became popular and now mostly everyone knows about the kids and them.

I have always loved Jon and Kate. They were always a cute, nice couple in my opinion. Now it is either you are on Kate’s side or Jon’s side. There are two sides. I was sad when I found out they were getting a divorce. Here I was watching them flirt and be adorable with each other, then go to now where they don’t even really talk. 

Some people probably don’t care too much about them. But I still can’t believe they are ending their 10 year marriage. All because the publicity got to their heads. It was way too big. And I think that it destroys people and their lives. Look at what it did to Jon and Kate.

Then I heard the TLC show they have will just be called “Kate plus 8.” Then I heard they are going to cancel it all together. When I came home from class last night I got a glimpse of the last few minutes of the show. I saw Kate reading emails from people and at the end she said something like “Okay. I’m done. I’m tired of talking.” I wasn’t exactly sure what she was referring to.

 In the Bucks County Courier Times newspaper this morning there is an article on Jon Gosselin. Can you believe Jon and Kate make the news and newspapers? When they first started this show, did they really think they would get this far? It’s HUGE now. Like they’re on the front page of magazines.

I didn’t think they would get this big. I just hope that things are okay for them and mellow out. Maybe if they do end the show things will get better for them. If that’s what has to happen, then I’m all for it.


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