Jon and Kate.

Two of the biggest celebrites right now are Jon and Kate Gosselin. From when the show first aired, I personally used to watch it because I love kids and thought it was cute. But then it became popular and now mostly everyone knows about the kids and them. I have always loved Jon and Kate. They were… Continue reading Jon and Kate.



My columns are suppose to give advice to people. But how do I know people are reading it if I don't get any questions..? Right. Here is my latest one: http://media.www.bucks-news.com/media/storage/paper653/news/2009/10/06/Oped/Ups-And.Downs.Of.A.Relationship-3797567.shtml Just copy and paste it. You know what to do. If anyone has any questions email me at hopeandlove89@gmail.com Hope to hear from you soon..