I’m not sure about you, but my Thanksgiving was the best I’ve had.

It started off with my brother’s football game. My boyfriend came with my mom, dad and other brother. It was a nice time. I used to be in band and it was nice to see old friends. It was “Alumni day,’ which means all the people who were formerly in the band, football or cheerleading could come and visit.

Then we went home and my boyfriend had to leave at 3 because he was getting together with his family. But he said about coming back. And besides, my parents and 2 brothers like him, so they never mind when he comes over.

My aunt, Poppop and Grandma came over so we could have Thanksgiving together. It was a nice dinner. After that we played this game we always play called the “Penny game.”

He called by 7:40 and came over by almost 8:00. My younger brother and I were playing Family Feud so he joined right in when he came. My parents, Poppop and Grandma were playing cards. My aunt left before he came because she had to get up for work the next day.

 It was my turn to vs. my boyfriend. I have to tell you, if you ever played that on Wii, it’s hard. He won all the games we played. We played about 4. Then we just talked.

 Overall, it was just a nice time. It was fun. He was so happy that day. That was the most I’ve ever seen him laugh in the almost 15 months we’ve been together. It was so awesome to see him like that. If you knew his situation, let’s say he hasn’t been happy in a while. But now that he’s got a new job, he way more excited.

How was your Thanksgiving?

2012 theory.

Alright everyone:  I got a few emails for my column I’ve been writing. It’s so amazing to see that people like it and are responding to it. That’s what I’ve wanted all along.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m excited because I love the holidays. I just hope that it turns out the way I want. The holidays for me are special because a lot of it is about dressing up. And as you know, most girls love to dress up.

A lot of people are currently talking about the 2012 theory. There is now a movie out about it. What do you think? Do you believe it? Do I believe it? Well I don’t exactly know the details and ‘the theory’. But I don’t think I want to go and see the movie. The other day my boyfriend actually mentioned it and I was a bit skeptical about it. Movies like that could really mess with someone’s mind. I guess that’s what is suppose to happen. I guess if I really wanted to know what it is all about, I should probably look it up. Save it for later..