It is 7:06 pm right now.

Do you know what that means?

2009 [unfortunately] is almost over.

Yeah. I’ve had a good year.

Got a relationship column. Almost done Bucks. Got closer with my boyfriend.

I want you all to remember. Embrace change. It is your friend. Don’t hide from it.

Even though 2009 is just about over, doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Goodbye 2009.

I love you.


So now everyone knows I have a boyfriend.

It is 15 months, 8 days exactly.

This past week and weekend have been great. He makes it all better. And I do mean that. He gets me. He knows me well.

The way he looks at me sometimes is breathtaking. It’s weird that I’m sitting here and I still smell the scent of him.

2010 is coming up. Am I ready for it? Well is anyone ready for another year?

I mean it’s when my brother and I graduate from college. I haven’t even really thought about that part of it. I just thought about going off to Temple. It hasn’t sunk in that I have to graduate first. It’s so strange.

I would say the best events that happened to me this year were: My 1st valentine’s day with a guy, Our 6 months, Celebrating his 22nd birthday with him, The beach, Going to jason’s woods with my family and him, Very good Thanksgiving, My first christmas with my dad’s side of the family in a long time, Us getting closer this past weekend.

On Christmas he gave me a card. He write in it things he likes about me. I almost cried. It was very powerful.

My favorite Christmas song “Last Christmas.”

Oh. His mom got me a soft pink blanket, a little cute pink purse with a Kohl’s gift card in it. That was so nice of her. It was from her and John. That was sweet.

Keep you posted..

Top 10 Love Songs of 2009.

Since 2009 is coming to an end, I’ve decided to choose my top 10 Love Songs of 09.

10. ‘What Is Love’ – Haddaway
9. ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ – The Romantics
8. “If You’re Not The One’ – Daniel Bedingfield
7. ‘Fallin For You’ – Colbie Calliat
6. ‘Caught Up In You’ – 38 Special
5. ‘Breakeven’ – The Script
4. ‘Halo’ – Beyonce
3. ‘All My Life’ – KC and Jojo
2. ‘Power of Love’ – Celiene Dion
1. ‘Wonderwall’ – Oasis

What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree?

Christmas. Christmas. Christmas.

First off.. How was your Christmas?

Well my Christmas Eve day was terrible. I had to work. It was way busy. I wanted to leave early so bad that day. It was no fair. I was so happy to get off and go home.

That night was great. My dad’s side came over. I haven’t seen them in so long. You wouldn’t even believe how long it’s been. We played Wii. We talked. It was just pure fun. They didn’t leave until almost 1:00. That’s crazy. Right? But we’re going to do the same thing for New Year’s Eve [which will be great]. So I can look forward to that.

I’ve been looking forward to Christmas for a while now and it’s passed. It’s a bit sad, but it’s still the holidays. So it’s all fine.

Christmas morning was great. I got all the presents I wanted. And it was just nice to sit in the living room surrounded by my family.

That morning my boyfriend called me on the phone [because he supposed to come over] and he says, “Merry Christmas,” which was so cute. Then he came over and gave me my gifts. [500] Days of Summer (a great movie), a watch. Have you ever heard of Bulova? Well that’s the brand. Also, a card which he wrote something that almost made me cry in it.

I gave him his. A bowling ball, cologne, 2 shirts and a card. It was just nice.

Later we went to my aunt’s house. She got a new house and it was our first holiday there. It was nice. My brother played his saxophone.

Overall, I had a good 2 days. I start my new job this Tuesday coming up.

My boyfriend’s mom bought me 2 gifts. I’ll tell you what they are when she gives me them. I’m going over there today for my part 4.

Part 1- Santa, Part 2- my bf Part 3- my aunt Part 4- His mom.

Merry Belated Christmas everyone!

I’ll keep you posted..

New job.

So I got a job interview and got a new job. I am so happy to give my 2 weeks in a few weeks for the place I’m working at right now. I cannot wait.

I got all of my grades A,A,A,C. Yeah. I know the C is just like hanging there. But apparently [not completely sure] I’m on the dean’s list. I’ll let you know officially if I get a letter in the mail in a few days.

Christmas is in 4 days. Christmas eve in 3. I have to work christmas eve. How fun is that? Oh. What a joy.

But I just go back and forth with my feelings. They change pretty quickly. That is so bad. But what can I say?

15 months 1 day for my boyfriend and I.


Things are hard in society today. I believe I think too much sometimes. It could drive a person nuts thinking that much.

Ever since my boyfriend got a new job, things have not been the same. I am not going to lie. They haven’t. I haven’t liked how I’m feeling. I’ve been trying to push it to the side. But it hasn’t exactly worked. No. I wish things would go back to before. Before he got the job, before his car got totaled, before he ran over a curb. Before, Before, Before.

I mean I wanted him to get a new job. So badly, I did. But if I knew I would feel like ‘this,’ I wouldn’t have wanted it.

You get what I’m saying. I guess in a way.. I miss him more.

I just don’t know what’s going on with me this time of year. I’m usually ecstatic. Seriously. I am all happy and counting the days until it’s Christmas. But this year. It’s the first year that I haven’t been all that happy.

At the end of November I was happy that christmas was coming up, but right now I could care less. Yes. That’s sounds harsh especially since when it goes by I will be sad. Currently I’m just not feeling it..

I’m sorry, Santa.

Relationship column.

Here is my latest relationship column. I actually had a “Love page” this time. It looks awesome.

If you would like to see the PDF go to bucks.edu/journalism click on “the centurion” then on the left side it says “Click here to see our latest issue.”

Here is the link to just see my article without the PDF.


Second one:


Enjoy. Let me know what you think..


Christmas is in exactly 19 days. I am getting so excited about it. This is my favorite holiday.

The tradition I have is my dad and I hang up christmas lights on the roof. So we climb up the ladder, go on top of the roof of our house and around the edge, we hang them. During that, we listen to christmas music. It is fun. I love going up on the roof.

I haven’t done my christmas shopping yet. Yes, I know it’s bad. I realize that. But I will be going next week probably. I’ve been so busy with school, work, homework and my boyfriend.

 If you would like to read my columns, feel free to check them out. Here’s a link:






I hope you enjoy my columns. And count down the days until Christmas with me.