Christmas. Christmas. Christmas.

First off.. How was your Christmas?

Well my Christmas Eve day was terrible. I had to work. It was way busy. I wanted to leave early so bad that day. It was no fair. I was so happy to get off and go home.

That night was great. My dad’s side came over. I haven’t seen them in so long. You wouldn’t even believe how long it’s been. We played Wii. We talked. It was just pure fun. They didn’t leave until almost 1:00. That’s crazy. Right? But we’re going to do the same thing for New Year’s Eve [which will be great]. So I can look forward to that.

I’ve been looking forward to Christmas for a while now and it’s passed. It’s a bit sad, but it’s still the holidays. So it’s all fine.

Christmas morning was great. I got all the presents I wanted. And it was just nice to sit in the living room surrounded by my family.

That morning my boyfriend called me on the phone [because he supposed to come over] and he says, “Merry Christmas,” which was so cute. Then he came over and gave me my gifts. [500] Days of Summer (a great movie), a watch. Have you ever heard of Bulova? Well that’s the brand. Also, a card which he wrote something that almost made me cry in it.

I gave him his. A bowling ball, cologne, 2 shirts and a card. It was just nice.

Later we went to my aunt’s house. She got a new house and it was our first holiday there. It was nice. My brother played his saxophone.

Overall, I had a good 2 days. I start my new job this Tuesday coming up.

My boyfriend’s mom bought me 2 gifts. I’ll tell you what they are when she gives me them. I’m going over there today for my part 4.

Part 1- Santa, Part 2- my bf Part 3- my aunt Part 4- His mom.

Merry Belated Christmas everyone!

I’ll keep you posted..


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