So now everyone knows I have a boyfriend.

It is 15 months, 8 days exactly.

This past week and weekend have been great. He makes it all better. And I do mean that. He gets me. He knows me well.

The way he looks at me sometimes is breathtaking. It’s weird that I’m sitting here and I still smell the scent of him.

2010 is coming up. Am I ready for it? Well is anyone ready for another year?

I mean it’s when my brother and I graduate from college. I haven’t even really thought about that part of it. I just thought about going off to Temple. It hasn’t sunk in that I have to graduate first. It’s so strange.

I would say the best events that happened to me this year were: My 1st valentine’s day with a guy, Our 6 months, Celebrating his 22nd birthday with him, The beach, Going to jason’s woods with my family and him, Very good Thanksgiving, My first christmas with my dad’s side of the family in a long time, Us getting closer this past weekend.

On Christmas he gave me a card. He write in it things he likes about me. I almost cried. It was very powerful.

My favorite Christmas song “Last Christmas.”

Oh. His mom got me a soft pink blanket, a little cute pink purse with a Kohl’s gift card in it. That was so nice of her. It was from her and John. That was sweet.

Keep you posted..


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