Change is coming.

Let’s put this out there: 2010 is going to change. It will be different from 2009.

I feel it already.

New job. I’m graduating from college. I’m going off to Temple. My brother is graduating from college. And going to graduate school.

Two weeks from today, I start school. And it will also be my 16- month anniversary.

In a month, it will be Valentine’s Day. I am very excited for that.

Can you smell the change? My new job is totally different from my other one. Going from working at a supermarket to a clothing store. That’s just a solid fact that it’s not the same.

If I’m not in a good mood or having a bad day, I talk to my boyfriend and he usually makes it better. That’s the name of my  twitter account :  hemakesitbetter.

Look it up if you want.

Dinner is cooking in my kitchen and it smells wonderful.

Keep you posted..

I love you.


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