5:48 pm.   What are you doing?

I am sitting here in a pleasant mood. Today is Friday. I had a good day at work. I’m getting more comfortable with my new job. One of the reasons is because everyone is so nice. And my boyfriend helped me think about it like this “You have to learn your surroundings.” It really sunk in too. I usually listen to advice when he gives it to me. He is older and Weiser. hah. That’s his last name. Cute, right?

Another topic. College. I am going to go to Temple and be an English major. I figure that they will help me by knowing to coördinate sentences and could have resources to help me publish my book.

Speaking of book, I ‘ve started writing one. I don’t know why some days I feel more inspired to write and not other days. Maybe because I’m doing so many things at once, I’m not fully focused. I need to think of more ideas to concentrate on it.

“Halo” by Beyoncé is one of my favorite songs. I’ve heard it many times and I’m still not tired of it.

I’ll be starting to write my columns again soon.. I have to think of more ideas for that also.

Have you ever smelled Moonlight Path wall flowers? The ones you plug-in? Well they smell so good you could just eat them. : )

5:55 pm.  Dinner will be ready soon.

Tomorrow is Saturday. I work at my other job. Yippie. [not]. I would rather be working at my new job actually. But I’ll be working there on Sunday [My dad’s bday].  But only for 3 hours. That day my bf is going to drive me to work.

Keep you posted… 🙂


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