You know how people are writing about what’s going on with the world now? Well. I choose to write about my life. I mean I do know what’s going on, but I want to write about what’s happening with me.

I don’t really feel like going to work today. I don’t really feel well. I’m tired. But I’ll be okay. I have to be.

I start school tomorrow and you know what else tomorrow is if you’ve read my entries. I’ll talk to him tomorrow. The only thing is I don’t know if I can like not talk to him like I used to. I usually always talk to him Wednesday. Hangout with him sat-sun. I don’t know if it’s enough anymore. I may need to talk to him more. And to me that looks needy because for so long we’ve done it like that.

He’s said to me I can call him anytime I want. And that’s true. But still to ME it would look needy. I haven’t wanted him to leave on Sundays [that’s the worst time, that night] because I won’t see him until saturday since he works the whole week. What I’m going to do next week is talk to him on AIM Tuesday and we talk on the phone thursday. We’ll see how it works. It’s different.

I’m getting my haircut tomorrow. I don’t work. I’m panicking a little about graduating now too. Like getting my transcripts, classes, application. What do I want to do with my life other than writing a book. That’s not a career. I would like to be a relationship advisor for a newspaper. But I’m going to have to start studying EVERYTHING for that. Also, I like psychology. I’m taking a class. Maybe something good will come of that. Maybe I’ll know what I truly want after this semester. I’m freaking out a little!!

Valentines day is in: 26 days. Saturday when we went to Kohl’s I bought him a red and white striped button up shirt to wear for Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to really celebrate this year. Only problem is it’s a Sunday and you know what I just told you. I get sad. But it will all be fine.

Today is Tuesday. I get to see him in 4 days. So I’m okay. I just want to get through today. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. School, talk to him, hair cutting appointment, then next day it’s thursday [i have class that night, oh geez].

Are you worried about anything?

I love you, guys.


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