I’m telling everyone now, go shopping for your Valentine’s Day cards. I’m letting you this because all the good ones will be gone before you know it. Today I had to choose between 2 cards and I went with the one that wasn’t as fancy, but it is how I feel. On the ride home I started thinking about it. I actually took it back and got another one.

Lately, my boyfriend and I have gotten so close in the last few weeks. Like it feels like a real relationship now. Opposed to before when it felt like we were more like friends. I’m so glad we’re at this point now.

I see him tomorrow. I can’t wait until tomorrow and Sunday.  I just have to get through work tonight. I’ll be fine. It will go by fast. Let’s just go..

But the way, the movie ‘Dear John’ comes out next Friday! You better believe I’m looking forward to it.

Also, Valentine’s Day is in: 16 days. Oh my! How sweetly awesome. What are your plans? Do you have any yet?

It is 3:50 pm right now. I have work at 515. Can you believe I have it that late? Oh well. What can you do? Nothing. Right. Just get through it, like I said before.

The first meeting for the paper is next week. So my columns will start again. Are you excited? Of course you are.

This past weekend I went to the Franklin Institute. It was cool.  My bf and I went. We held hands when we were in the planetarium. It was great. We always have fun together. We have an unexplainable great connection. We get along so well. We have those ‘inside jokes’ everyone has. Don’t you have those? 

This weekend we’re going  to the museum of archaeology and anthropology. I’m so excited! My brother is going too. That will be a different experience for him and us. Let’s go to tomorrow NOW please.  Okay. I’ll wait a little longer. It’s so worth it.

 Okay. Well I’m going to go read…

I love you.


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