The days were great.

Valentine’s Day we ended up going to Longwood Gardens and we wore special attire . That was such a great day. I held hands while we were there. He got me beautiful flowers. The day before he gave them to me because he wasn’t going to be home on V-Day. So he tells me to close my eyes while walking into his house. It was so cute. I looked at them. They were gorgeous! He did such a great job. He’s been so awesome lately. We are getting closer and closer.

These past few weekends have been so fantastic. We’ve been going somewhere every weekend. This past Sunday we went snowboarding! I loved it. We had such a good time. Bear Creek we went  to. Everyone was so nice. No one laughed at you if you fell. That was a nice part.

The only thing was it was in 3 steps then you moved onto the bigger mountain. We got separated because I’m not a fast learner and one of my straps was missing so that set me back. What can you do? He came and checked on me after a little while and told me I didn’t have to finish if I didn’t want. What? Are you serious? I didn’t come here not to complete what I started. Right? Correct. I finally finished and went to meet up with him. We went down the mountain twice together.

We left around 5.  We were both tired and sore. Man, especially the next day. That was crazy. I could barely move. Today I’m not as bad, but still a little sore. It was totally worth it!

He told me he was proud of me for sticking with it. He said most girls would have given up. Nope. I’m not like ‘most girls’ though. I don’t complain THAT much. My mom will tell you I do, but not with my boyfriend. That’s kinda weird though. I don’t do that with him, but when it comes to my family I do. Hm. Interesting.

This weekend ‘he’ suggested Peddler’s Village. I so cannot wait. Should be so much fun.

I have to get ready for class…

Talk to you later.

I love you, guys.

❤ Hope Kumor


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