Is it really spring? Yesterday and today are supposed to be rainy days.  Isn’t spring suppose to be sunny and bright? The 20th, first day of spring, was so pretty. My brother and I went to get free Rita’s. There were so many people there. Crazy. That day I went to the park with my boyfriend. It was so nice out.

Core Creek Park. Have you ever been there? Well if you haven’t, it’s in Middletown not too far from George School. I love those cool, sunny days.

Sunday we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts. It was okay. Just fair. In my opinion, there wasn’t much there and it’s a bit boring after a while. Then we went into this mall. It was a good day. That night me, him, my dad and my brother played basketball. You know my boyfriend didn’t think I was going to do as well as I did. I was blocking him and he said I didn’t a nice job. I think he was surprised.

I didn’t have my first class yesterday. But I had my night class. Man. That class seems to drag on.. and on.. Today I have work at 530 and go on an interview at 2. I want this job so bad! Really I do.

Things are changing. I told you that 2010 will be different. It won’t be the same. I paid for my diploma, cap and gown yesterday. It’s March 23rd already. Half the semester is over. Crazy stuff.

I go to newspaper editing this thursday! Yay. I love that.

Oh. My awards luncheon. It was great. I was so nervous to walk up there and receive my award. Our professor in charge of the paper went with us. He took pictures of each of us. We all had a nice time. We were driving in this white van. It felt like we were a family going on a trip. Cool beans. The professor e-mailed us and wanted our work so someone could put it in this collection. Sounds cool to me.

I have to work on my article. Wish me luck today!

I love you guys!


So it’s March. I don’t like March so far. We went to peddler’s village, but by the time we got there, mostly all of the shops were closed. What a bummer.

A week today is my awards luncheon for my column! I get an award. I cannot wait! I am so excited. My spring break is next week. That to me isn’t a big deal. I’m not doing anything exciting for it anyway.. I just get a week off of school. No biggie to me. I’ve been so tired lately.

I don’t like my job. I can tell you that. Still looking for another one. In the hopes of finding one.

Spring is next saturday, the 20th. It’s been so nice outside these past couples of days.. It’s been ‘park days.’ We went to the park sat-sun. We played soccer. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play. He was teaching me. He loved soccer and he told me he misses it. I can’t blame him. I would too. I can talk to him about everything. He is my best friend.

I’m going to go take my test.. Wish me luck..

I love you guys!