It’s May!

It is May 3rd today. The day I pick up my cap and gown. I graduate in exactly 17 days, the 20th. That is crazy! My brother graduates June 12th.

By the way, I did get that job. It’s so much better than my other one. The semester is coming to a close fast. My last day of psych class is next Wednesday, the 12th.

Things have changed lately. First off, I’m writing this on my PINK netbook. Yes I said pink. I love it. The other thing is I’m single. But don’t worry, him and I are still best friends. It’s sad. But life goes on, doesn’t it?

The summer is rapidly approaching.. I take my placement test for temple on the 26th! The day before my brother’s 17th birthday. Gosh I can’t believe he’s going to be that old. Him and my best friend (former boyfriend) are becoming closer and closer. They always talk and talk. It’s cool. But if he gets another job far away what is my brother going to do? They might even call each other on the phone.

So not only did him and I form a bond, my brother and him also did.

Okay. I have to get ready for class..

I love you guys<3.


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