Crazy Stuff!

Alright. It is May 17th, 2010.

In exactly 3 days I graduate from college. Can you believe that? I know I can’t. I also get a scholarship that day.

My brother turns 17 one week from thursday. That. Is. Crazy.

He has his senior project today. The product he made didn’t work last night and my best friend (former boyfriend) helped him with it. His name is Reggie.  Here he figured out what the problem was and my brother Shawn texted me and told me Reg’s idea worked!

So that is awesome. I was so happy for him.

I usually have school mon, wed, fri. But now that classes are done, I felt weird not going. It’s 12:00. My class is usually 12-1250. I’m not there!

Nuts. Nuts.

I have a final tonight. I have to go study for it. I haven’t really studied yet. (Don’t worry anyone, its open book.. 🙂 )

Wish me luck..

Love you guys..<3.


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