2011. That is the year. It’s been a long time since I’ve written, so I figured I would.

The last time I wrote was in June 2010. I interned at the Courier this summer. I wrote 4 articles total. The experience was okay.

July: I got my car back after my car accident in June. Since it was the other guys fault, he had to pay. I was so happy to get my car back!

August: Hot. Worked more.

21st: My birthday was awesome. If you ask me to mark the day with a song it would be “Go your own way” because when Reg and I got out of the water at Bucks County River Country, that song was playing. Yeah. We went tubing for 2 hours. Parts of it were boring, but I had a nice time. That night I went with my brother and Reg to ‘Dave and Buster’s.’ That was cool man. Had my first shot with my brother Paul. Then my first drink. Geez. Let me tell you that I am a lightweight. It was fun though.

September: I started my first semester at Temple University. 4 classes. Literature and criticism, english studies, spanish 1 and sociology of the self. All good classes. It was a VERY hard semester, especially because these papers I’m writing are scholarly. They aren’t like “The reason why Hamlet is bad is because he killed an innocent man who didn’t deserve that.” Throw THAT way of writing out the window, son. Sorrys. I got 3 C’s on my paper. BUT the last one I got a B! I was so happy because these papers were hard to me. I was never taught to write this way.

I guess I would also say the match.com, dating stuff started for Reg. He wanted a girlfriend. I was a bit jealous. I STILL liked him. It was 6 months after we broke up too. Yeah. I know. I know. But he was SO special to me.

19th: This month Reg and I went motor scootering in Lancaster. Oh my gosh was that so freekin cool man. We got to ride electric scooters that had turn signals and breaks, just like a car. You literally had to stop at traffic lights and all. Oh my gosh we were in heaven! BUT then.. Reg’s tire flattened. We had to call the guy at the place. When we wen back, he apologized to us and offered us this motorcycle to take out! It was so cool. He even gave us an extra 30 minutes. My gosh was that a GREAT day! This was the day before what would have been our 2-year-anniversary. I was sad the next day, but it was okay.  Papers. Papers.

October: Papers. Study.

1st: My 2nd ultrasound. Stomach issues. 

3rd: Reg and I went biking. This is in Jim Thorpe. It was so cool. We went about 24 miles. Oh my gosh was it cool. I check for these different events. I usually find fun stuff for us to do.

16th: My family and I went to this haunted ride. It was cool. It was a haunted house/hayride.

17th: This was the day my mom wanted to weigh me because I’m “so” thin. She believes that I need to gain A LOT of weight. She thinks I should be about 125 pds. There is SO way I can weigh that much, nor would I want to. Whateve.

24th: Reg and I went to Valley of Fear. This was when I bought the far pass, which enabled us to be first in line. It was cool. I think I did this more for him than myself. He loves Halloween, so I decided to put on a smile and enjoy myself. It’s not that I don’t like that stuff, it’s just it bored me a little. It was nice anyway. He was all smiles as we headed into the haunted house, hayride and maze.

30th: I went to my friends brother’s girlfriends Halloween party. Dressed up and all. I thought that was cool.

31st: My two brothers Paul and Shawn, Reg and I went trick-or-treating. Reg didn’t want to go, but he was a good sport. We had an okay time.

November: More Temple stuff. Papers. Study. Train.

7th: This was the day Reg and I went canopying at Spring Mountain. Can I say this was one of the most cool things. You should really check it out, if you get the chance. It’s in Mount, PA. We went up to the treetops and slide down a rope that was connected to a pulley. Don’t worry, it was secure. It was seriously so cool. “That” was a really good day for me.

13th: I went over my friend Noemy’s house to watch a boxing match. I met a cute guy, but things didn’t spark or anything.

14th: I went on this mountain adventure with my family. After that, we went out to eat. That was cool. Got very good exercise. My dad and I proved that we were the best in shape because we hardly slowed down to take a breath. Take that!

25th: Thanksgiving. It’s not a big holiday for us, but it was nice. My pop pop and grandma came. Cool.

27th: I went to Parx Casino with Noemy, her sis Sue, Sue’s good friend and his brother. They went into the $10 club they had there. Yeah. I didn’t want to pay that much. Sorrys. We gambled and such. Every time I won, I would cash out, so I had like a billion slips to get money back in the end. It was so funny. : )

28th: Reggie and I went to the Eastern State Penitentiary. That was cool except when Reggie almost hit a woman. She wasn’t paying attention and he was looking to see if traffic was coming. Yeah. She could have been hurt if I didn’t say, “Reggie!” Yeah. Crazy. Stupid lady. We always have a nice time together. Let me tell you folks, he is my best friend. 100%. Yeah.

December: This was the month I would need to start cracking on studying for finals. Papers and what not. You know?

8th: My 8-10 page paper was due. Can I tell you, I worked on that paper for SUCH. a. long. time. Man.

10th: I went down to Temple to study w/my friend Kaoutar for our sociology final. Um. Well I DROVE down there. I just wanted to try it. By myself. Cool. Awesome. Took the GPS. Goood. I like her. She’s cool. I got lost coming home. You’re probably wondering, “Um, you had a GPS, how did you get lost?” Well my friends…. I didn’t listen to the thing because I thought I was right. Nope. I ended up going back down to Philly because north and south confuse me. I. Was. Done. I listened to it. However, I got home around 7. I left Kaoutar at 5:10. Yupp. Almost 2 hours to get home. How. ridiculous. Point here– listen to the GPS.

11th: My family and I went to the shadybrook farm light show. We took my dog. Bad idea. I had to sit in the back w/ her. Then we looked at lights. It was okay.

13th: I had to have my pretesting for my surgery this morning. 9:00 am. Then final at 1-2. I had lost my cell phone this weekend and was SO stressed about it. Reg felt so bad for me. What could I do? I’m horrible at keeping cell phones close by. I took the train. Did the test. I took the 3:44. On the way home, I decided to just check in the front of Reg’s house [that’s one of the places it might have been]. I get out of my car.. Here. It’s sitting right there! My flipping phone is chilling there. Cold as hell, but still worked. I was lucky.

15th: My spanish final and last day at Temple until the spring. I liked my teacher. She hugged Carmen, the woman in my spanish class and I. Carmen gave me a present. Cute little notebook. I took the 12:44. I got Food Bytes this day at Temple. It wasn’t bad.

18th: Last day of work until I came back. It was insane!! I hung out with Noemy this night. We went clubbing. Voeyer. Well.. it turned out to be a gay club. Yup. Whateves. We stayed. It was fair. We got one fruity drink. $8. A new experience, right?

19th: Reg and I went to Bob Martel’s, this really pretty christmas display Bob has every year in New Jersey. It was cool. The dating stuff really came up this day. I helped him with MANY emails.

21st: My surgery. Ugh. 945 am. It was so hard to move this day. The pain. You would NOT want that. I was sore. Reg called his night. We always talk on Tuesdays. I was a bit out of it, but I could talk. You know. Noemy called my mom because she wanted to come over and visit. I was too tired for that. My parents were SO amazing this day w/ asking me what I wanted/needed. I love them for that. Really. Really.

22nd: Day 2 of pain.

23rd: Day 3. I talked to Reg this morning. I was a little better. Noemy was supposed to come over, but she didn’t feel well. Next week she said. I wrapped presents this day.

24th: Day 4. Reg called around 12. He was going over his aunts. They invited me. I wanted to come so badly, but the pain was still strong. I was so tired. I took perkosets and such. Ugh. Christmas Eve. We looked at lights at night.

25th: Day 5. Christmas!! I was happy. Reg was coming over at night. He asked me if I could take some pictures of him. Ok. Grandma, Poppop were coming over. Sk, Pk and I got nice presents. Thanks santa ♥. He got me a thesaurus and a Tinkerbell bank. He told me he could order me a Tinkerbell bracelet, since the bank wasn’t what he thought. I thought he did great, but if he wants to get me  a bracelet, then cool. He loved the book I got him.

Then I took the pictures for hin. Can I tell you he looked great. No one can get him to smile like that, except me. I just had to be cute and it worked. They turned out GREAT! Superb. We uploaded them. I was happy for him. He thanked me. He stayed until about 11.

26th: Day 6. Getting a little better. We had a CRAZY snowstorm this day. Reg and I didn’t see each other. He was going over his grandparents, but they cancelled, since the snow. I didn’t have to shovel, since my stomach. Ugh. More girls were looking at his profile. His dad kept ranting and rating about how great they looked. Yes. He was so impressed and asked him how I got him to smile like that. Very simple actually. That’s simple for me.

27th: Day 7. He got an email back!! Yay! Mom, dad, Paul, Shawn and I went to see Harry Potter. Cool.

29th: Day 8. The post-surgery checkup. He said I was healing great. I have to come back in 3 weeks to check it once more. Ugh.

30th: Day 9. First day back at work. Rough. Tired and such. 12-8. But I needed to work. I found out I only worked one day the next week. I figured they were slow. Oh wells.

31st: Day 10. Reg had off. He was coming over before I headed over to Noemy’s new years party. Cool. I went to Ross. Got some clothes. Cute. I wore the pink dress I bought that night. I was excited.

635pm came: Reg was here. We didn’t do anything. Talked and such. I was tired. He said about not going. NO. I WAS going. He left around 930. I was excited about Noemys.

940pm: I’m driving there. Here we go again. Thinking of Reg and stuff. Questioning myself if I’m ready to meet a guy, not seeing him at 12:00, everything. SHUT UP, I told myself.

945pm: Noemy and I exchanged presents.

955pm: We went downstairs. She got me iced tea. Nick, her good friend came.

10:00pm: Noemy and I started dancing along w/ her sis and friends. Cool.

1010pm: Dustin came w/ 3 guys. Cute 2nd guy.

10:25pm: I began to talk to cute guy. He asked me if I wanted a drink. No, I said. Then changed it to yes. We talked.

12:00am: 2011. Hugs and such. Happy New Years. I highfived cute guy.

10:30-2:15: We kinda sat there and talked. The signs were there he liked me. Cute as hell. Graduated w/ me and I never knew it. It was a nice party. I offered to drive him home because his friend left him.

2:30: We danced. Not real dirty.

2:40pm: I was tired. I wanted to left. I told him. We left. He likes me with my hair up/down, he told me in the car. He shook my hand/ hugged me. We traded numbers before, before that, so it was all good. He did not ask me to technically hang out w/ him. I figured he was shy. I was happy.

3:00pm: I went to bed. Excited. Feeling a lot of thoughts.

January: 1st- It was an okay day. I didn’t contact cute guy. Reg went to his g-parents. I wanted him to go over his friend Steve’s, you know?

2nd: I texted him 12:02pm.

Around 2, he texted me back. We talked and such. Then around 430, he kinda stopped. I haven’t heard from him since. Don’t you wonder, I know I do. I’m not playing game. I told Reg about it. It was nasty.

Today is January 5th, 2011. Weird. Nasty to think of. But 2010 was terrible for me. I work tom THANK GOODNESS.

A lot has changed. As you can see, I’m best friends with my former boyfriend, Reggie. He really literally is my best friend. ]. Finished my first semester. Grades: Lit and crit- A- English- B    Soc- B-   Spanish- A. My first semester and I got these grades. Gosh all that studying and staying in my room was SO worth it man. I’m on the winter break right now. I go back to school in exactly: 14 days. Let me just enjoy them until I go back to 5 classes.  Yes, I did say 5. If you thought I was in my room all the time before, look out for this term around. But it will be so worth it, man.

If you would like to talk or comment feel free. You can email me at hopeandlove89@gmail.com if you need any relationship advise because I was previously the relationship columnist for my college’s newspaper.

I ♥ you guys.

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