12:00 p.m I am writing this. Today has now changed from Wacky Wednesday to Thirsty Thursday.

Don’t you think how crazy it is to go from 11:59 to 12:00. Even though it is literally one minute. If you told me, it’s 11:59, I would still credit it as being Wednesday. Some other people would complain and say, “Just tell me it’s Wednesday.” No, the time makes a difference. Think about it. It’s huge. Maybe today was the worst day of your life and you look forward to the 12:00.

Time is very valuable these days. Either there are people dying, people crying or people spying. There are so many things to say, yet never enough time to say them.

Do you ever feel as if NOTHING matters anymore? I sure do sometimes. Everyone has felt like this at least once in your life. Come on! When have you felt like this?

12:07 on Thursday, March 3rd. Yes, this month spring comes. This is what I mean by time. The time. Can you believe it’s already March 2011? Think about all the years you’ve been alive. Think about how new everything is now-a-days. New technology. New economy. New.


If you would like to respond to anything I’ve post, feel free.

I love you guys.



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