The song that is playing in my ears is “King of Anything.” Do you know that song? If not, it’s by Sara Bareilles. This song doesn’t have any real meaning to my life, I just love it. You should really see the video. Here’s the link. http://www.youtube.com/watchv=eR7-AUmiNcA

Think of a song that has meaning in your life. The funny thing is some songs are just out there to listen to, then there are others that stir up feelings when you hear them. What song has meaning for you and why?

In life, there are also items that are worthless to one person, but to another person, they mean the world. Have you ever thought of that? For example, I have this dress that I love because I wore to one Valentine’s Day of last year while I was dating Reg. It’s red, glittery, spaghetti strapped and has a red belt around the waistline. If girls saw this dress they would say it’s pretty, but for them there is no meaning behind it. It’s just a dress to them. Do you have an item that you cherish that people would think is crap?

So my spring break is almost over [which really sucks because it was supposed to be an awesome time where fun only happens]. I guess that is only in the movies, huh?

Back to school next week. It’s not that I don’t like school, it’s awesome, it’s just that I got assigned too much homework for it to seem like a break. They call it a break for a reason, right, hello?

Do you believe spring is in.. 8 days. It will be a week tomorrow. Are you ready for spring? I mean, I am, but then is summer, which is where you sweat and the seasons will  just keep rotating.

Don’t you feel as if nothing ever changes? It’s always the same. I don’t just mean the seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall, I mean in general also. You go to work. You go to school. You have hobbies. You have family. You have a significant other. You have a house. You have money. What is that called? Oh, yes, life, right? Whateves. Can’t that just be the answer to everything? Someone asks you if you have money: whateves. Do you have a car: whateves.

That would be fun.

Well… I love you guys. XOXO.

Whateves. : )


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