Canopy trip.

I woke up. I had to call this place called “spring mountain” to see if we could get an appointment to tree-top that day. This was sunday, Nov 7th, 2010. I call. Here they have two times open: 1:00 and 3:00. However, the time read  9:45 and it would take about an hour and 28 minutes to get there. I had to act fast. Should I take one of these time openings? I accepted the 3:00 appointment and called him after. He would come over around 1:15. We had to fill out paperwork that basically said they weren’t responsible if we died. How nice, right?

He came by 1:10. We left by 1:20. His dad invited him over for dinner, but he told him he was with me and we were going canopying. It wasn’t hard to get there. Then we see “Spring Mountain.” The excitement and nervousness kicked in for me at least. This was a whole new experience for the both of us. You see I’ve always found these different activities for us to do. I’ve always been ‘that person.’

2:51. We arrive. We had to wait. There were 4 other kids. 2 boys and 2 girls. Here we figured out we were a group. There were 2 guys that instructed us to put our equipment on around our waist. It was funny and the girl and I laughed together.

Next, we had to wear a helmet, which would mess up our hair. After the 2 instructors spoke about some rules, we had to introduce ourselves. We had to say our name, our profession and something we wish we could do. [I will put temporary names with these kids.] First was athletic girl, Phil, Laughing girl, “paid firefighter” me and ‘him.’ Now, if you’re asking “why paid firefighter?” It’s because when he said that profession, he was told to repeat because they didn’t understand him. ‘Him’ and I laughed later on about it. And it’s STILL a joke to us. It was one of those “you had to be there moments.” I believe I still had a bit of a crush on him. NOT “paid firefighter.” ‘Him.’ Yeah.

So we were taken on a ski lift type thing. Jt, the one instructor was first, then Athletic girl, Phil, Laughing girl, “Paid Firefighter” Me, ‘him’ and Jay, the other instructor. It had you up in the air feeling the cold breeze, because it was very chilly this day. The wind felt refreshing. As we climbed the rocks, I nearly fell. It was okay though.

Then we approached the treetops. Basically, we were attached to this rope connected to two trees that were in the air. Very high in the air. Oh my gosh. I was nervous, sick and excited all at the same time. You would never understand how awesome it was unless you went to this place. I will try to describe it as best I can.

Think about flying fast in the air tied to something connected between two trees. Envision this for a second. Feel the wind, air, the belt that’s attached to the rope as you flip into various positions in the air and land on the other side of the tree with a platform. Can you see it? It’s hard to imagine, but I tried my best.

We had some challenges as we went approached the trees. One of them was to step onto a tight rope without falling. It was like a balance beam, but only it was roped. Think about a roped balance beam. I probably did the best because I was in dance for 10 years. You had t point your toes to stay on the rope.

Of course I feared the laughs and stares of the others, but we usually cheered one another one. ‘He’ did so bad and I laughed. Good thing I was last so he didn’t see me laugh. I tried to hold it back. Shh.

The one time, “paid firefighter” got his ‘balls’ caught up in the rope and it looked painful for him. Man.

‘He’ was usually first. I would let him go before me. Then I would be first. We would have to yell between the two instructors “Ready to zip?” Then the other would say in a strange, but cool voice, “Zipp awaayy.” Those guys were weird, but everyone is in their own way.

Laughing girl thought ‘he’ was cute, I believe. But the thing was, I was trying to get them to talk. She mentioned soccer and I told her ‘he’ used to play. He didn’t really think she was that attractive. Oh well..

We left by 5:40. It started to get dark. We all had a nice time. We always did.

We’ve always had these special days.

Nice. Fun. Different.

We finished the night with a tight hug. That was usually how it ended…


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