Romance, what’s it all about?

Romance. What comes to mind when you hear these 7 letters? Well, according to freedictionary.com, romance is an “ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people, love.”  In my perspective, romance is a few things such as adventure, surprise, and spontaneity. However, in our society now-a-days, romance is seen as sexual. For instance, let’s say after… Continue reading Romance, what’s it all about?


The white house.

I walk passed it with its white siding and fence around the whole thing. There is a window that projects out of the it. The backyard is big enough for small children to run around and play a game such as tag. No trees in the yard. The car port can have at least 2 cars in the driveway at a… Continue reading The white house.


“It was as if it never happened”

The backyard was decorated with balloons, banners that said "Congratulations," tables set up with black cloths overtop to place plates on that read "Congratulations 2011 graduates," parents fancying the pool up for kids to swim in, and food and drinks set up to be guzzled down. The clock struck 12:30 pm on July 10th, 2011, which… Continue reading “It was as if it never happened”