“It was as if it never happened”

The backyard was decorated with balloons, banners that said “Congratulations,” tables set up with black cloths overtop to place plates on that read “Congratulations 2011 graduates,” parents fancying the pool up for kids to swim in, and food and drinks set up to be guzzled down.

The clock struck 12:30 pm on July 10th, 2011, which was when the party was scheduled to begin. The high school graduate stood in front of the window looking to see which guest would arrive first. Who would be “the dork” who had nothing better to do except arrive first. Guest 1 came around 12:50 pm. The high school graduate had no clue what to do. He sat outside with him making small talk and walking back into the house to “go pee.”

In reality, he came inside to see if somebody, anybody would show up to make the scene less awkward. Family member 1 and f. member 2 came next. Then guest 2 came around 1:20 pm. But this “guest” was actually my best friend who the high school graduate invited, so for most of the time, I had to entertain him.

Around 1:30, family member 3 arrived. The high school graduate was a terrible host and couldn’t entertain his only guest. When guest 3 came, he was a little more comfortable because it was his best friend.

Later on, guest 4 and 5 arrived and left later that night. As family members 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, it was looking more like a party.

Even with 5 guests and 10 family members, I was bored out of my mind. It felt as if I had ADD and I couldn’t sit in one place for a long period of time because I would get restless. The pool was open to everyone, there was a dart board set up, plus there was a bean bag toss. I know, I played all of them, but somehow, I still felt as if there was nothing to do.

The high school graduate didn’t know how to handle 5 guests at a time. HE even had no idea how to entertain himself, let alone 5 others..

Guest 4 left fairly early because I heard that “he was bored,” said the college graduate. Guest 5 departed around 8:00 pm. Then guest 1 around 9:00 pm. Guest 3 remained and even slept over that night! Guest 2 was gone around 7.

The backyard was cleaned up around 930 pm. I accompanied with putting the chairs back in the yard and placing the radio system in the house. The tables were cleared and it looked like a regular yard again.

The next day when I woke up, I went outside to throw away an empty soda can I found in the recycling pin. I gazed around the empty backyard.

Where were the kids that were playing darts? Or the guests that were swimming in the pool playing volleyball screaming? Or the parents talking at a loud voice because they were a little buzzed or excited to be with family members? Where were they?

Did the party even exist? Because to me, it was as if it never happened..

I went back inside. I had to remind myself that it DID happen and the time just went by at such a rapid pace, that it left me with a feeling of emptiness.

I was sad that the party didn’t seem to make that much of a mark in my life as I thought it would, no real impact. I had no real feeling of: Oh, man, I wish it were yesterday. It was merely a “his party was yesterday.”

I felt disappointed, I guess. Who knows. All I know is, to me, the party was a bit of a bust.


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