Romance, what’s it all about?

Romance. What comes to mind when you hear these 7 letters? Well, according to, romance is an “ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people, love.”  In my perspective, romance is a few things such as adventure, surprise, and spontaneity. However, in our society now-a-days, romance is seen as sexual.

For instance, let’s say after a guy gives a girl flowers, or does something romantic, he wants a favor in return. What is that usually consist of? Sex. Why? Because things in our society like movies and t.v. shows show that type of stuff, which gets ideas into people’s heads. If you watch, very rarely do you see a guy treating a girl to a special dinner and receiving only a nice peck for it. I believe it’s because so many movies, magazines, and some books promote this kind of stuff. If it wasn’t advertised in different medias, then it wouldn’t be thought of as much.

I was talking to one of my guy friends the other day about women. I asked him if there are guys out there that can do something romance without feeling as if they need sex for it. He says it’s rare. However, when I asked him when he romances his girlfriend, does he always want a present in return for giving it to her from the heart; he said that he likes to supply her with a gift. He doesn’t need anything from her.

Many men out there are hungry for sex. I think around the age of 18 to 25, men begin to think about sex more than anything. Their hormones start to kick in and they develop sexual thoughts.

So as we can see, there is one guy who doesn’t expect anything afterward. BUT, now, let’s switch to the girls. Why does she have to have romance to have sex? I guess I figure that it’s the same sort of thing where she expects something, then will produce sex as a reward.

We can get real here and talk about sex. Yes. We are of age where we are allowed to talk about it, right? I’m not going to go into the details about having it and what not, just about the issue of it. So, many people our age are not virgins. They have had it either multiple times or once. The question that comes up in my mind is why isn’t sex as special as it used to be?

Remember when guys and girls would only have it if they fell in love? What changed? Well, like I noted earlier, our society. Now, don’t think I blame everything on society. That is where most of these ideas come from. I mean, I realize these types of things can happen in our community and somehow it ends up in the newspaper, stemming out into society. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t matter anymore who they sleep with. They may sleep with this individual once and never talk to, or see them again. It’s basically the stop and go.

These kinds of things happen when you are drunk and lonely. I’m sorry to disappoint you all, but it’s not like the 70’s with the Brady bunch, when things were hunky dory. I’m giving this message out to you all: please be careful when you behave this way and have sex with a total stranger because honestly, you have no idea where this other person has been.

Also, have you seen the show “Teen mom?” or “16 and pregnant?” I realize that you aren’t 16, but do you really want to have a baby around 22 and have to put a halt to everything because of your “drunken fun?”

You must think I sound like a goody to shoes who is acting like a parent and telling you all these things not to do, right? Well, I am about having fun, but I just don’t want you to do something stupid. I would like you to enjoy yourself, the surroundings. I mean, honestly, you probably won’t listen to any of this mumbo jumbo. I’m okay with that, but I’m just giving you advice.

I mean, I know sex is great fun, but be safe about it.

I hope you will read my articles and stick with me. H♥pe “2” Help.


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