Hurricane Irene.


10:00 am — Take a peek at the way the sky currently appears.

The thunder rumbles so loud it shakes your house. The rain pours so hard it leaks through your ceiling. The lightning is so bright it creates the electrical powerline to spark and you are without power. The wind is so strong the trees blow side to side.

Hurricane Irene has hit around the Pennsylvania area and she’s an angry woman. It seems she wants to get back at anyone who has ever done her wrong.

Places such as New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are flooded. The water is so high on some streets that they have closed that road.

On it reads, 10:00 am– Irene is now a tropical storm pushing northeast toward Boston. Areas of NYC are dealing with flooding. Ten people have reportedly been killed in the U.S. Nearly 4 million are without power along the East Coast.

According to PECO, 2,131 households in Bucks County were without power as of 8:15 p.m. Saturday.

This is a mean storm. It’s not over yet because the trees continue to blow at rapid speeds making them sway.

I, however, as of right now, 10:21am  am one of the lucky ones with power.

Questions? Comments? Email me at  or reply to my blog.  Let me know about how your area is doing.

27 minutes..

The words “It’s 12:00 am, it’s no longer your birthday” echoed in my mind over and over. Time to go back to reality. Time to go back to life. It’s not as if just because it was my birthday life momentarily stopped, it was just.. continued, but with a narrower perspective.

Exactly 10 minutes ago, it was my birthday, August 21st, 2011. The big 22. But now, my 22nd birthday is in the past. It is merely “yesterday.” When I talk about this day later on, it will be called “yesterday.”

Why does it feel as if days fly right past you like a speeding car? I KNEW it would go fast. I didn’t expect it to be THIS fast.

My birthday was what I geared up for. You see, summer is coming to a close and my birthday was one of the last things I looked forward to. What is there now? School? It’s starts next week. Of course I like school, but am I ready for it? Am I prepared to think like ‘that’ again so soon? It doesn’t matter if I am because ready or not, here it comes. It is here like a fast approaching storm.

I sit here thinking all of these thoughts about the summer and choke up. I have approximately 1 week until I attend my first day back to college.

Just yesterday morning I was getting prepared to start the day I turned 22. The names that were said were “birthday girl” “it’s your birthday” etc. Now, it nothing more than an Ok, yesterday was your birthday, but today isn’t, you’ve had your fun, now let’s do some chores around the house.”

It’s almost depressing if you think about the situation. But the same thing will occur to another person at the end of today as well. They will have the same thoughts circulating through their mind and become sad also. It’s a cycle if you analyze birthdays. It’s here one day, gone the next. Does it sort of sound familiar? Oh yeah. Life. Death. Moving on.

It’s such a hard concept for me to grasp: Just move on. I hold onto many things and dread change. I understand that it’s impossible to have situations the same forever. I just hate how drastic and quickly it happens. Life is unfair. You will learn that as well now or as you get older. It’s a pain.

23 minutes ago now. How could it have went by so rapidly?

Change hurts.

While being 21…

22. Do you see that number? That is how old I will be tomorrow. Can you believe it? No, I can hardly comprehend that my birthday is already tomorrow.

21: Started my first semester at Temple.  Went to different places with ‘him.’: canopy tour. Scootering. State Penn.  My brother finished his senior year. I got surgery. I went trick or treating with my 2 brothers and ‘him.’  Went to my friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s Halloween party. Went to my friend’s Christmas party and met a guy. The start of 2011: Blockbuster closed. Our dog got skunked. First Valentine’s day in 2 years I was single. One year since we broke up. My older brother turned 24. I saw him less. I went to my first temple party. I drove up to Kutztown: the farthest distance I ever went by myself and I was proud. I met his father’s girlfriend. My other brother turned 18. I took my first summer class. I socialized more with my teachers. I got through math class. He turned 24. Went on many jobs with my dad. Went to Chicago with my 2 brothers and ‘him.’ Went on my 1st airplane ride. Visited my friend in Jersey, second time I drove somewhere by myself.My grandma’s surprise party. Worked out and got a little color to my skin. Felt better about myself. Drove 11 hours with my older brother to Tennessee. Went on my 2nd airplane ride. Life without my older brother.. continued.. My 2nd car accident. Day trip with my brother and ‘him’ while it was pouring in New York! Went out with friends before my birthday.

These are all the things I did as a 21-year-old.

Crazy times, right?

Well, goodbye 21, hello 22!! 😦

I hate getting older..

It should have never happened..

The clock reads 9:38 am as I head out the door for work. I am scheduled to be in work by 10:00 am.

As I approach my car, I think to myself what my dad said that morning, “This is the first time you’ve been at work since your brother left.” Correct. I helped him move his things to Tennessee 4 days prior.

I drive my normal route to work, taking the same road every time I go to work. I always switch into the right lane eventually because my place of employment is on the right side of the road. I wait for two cars to pass by before I merge into the right lane.

I get past the convenient store and go through the light. Before that, I knew I was listening to a song that reminded me of my brother. Since he’s been gone, I’ve missed him. But, my thoughts weren’t strictly on him, they were on the road, just like they always are. I am ALWAYS a careful driver, look both ways, don’t tailgate, don’t go through red lights. I do none of that.

So, I’m going up the hill on the road. All of a sudden, the car in front of me slowed down. I remember them being stopped. I put on my brakes as hard as I could. Nope, it wasn’t enough time. Boom! I crashed into them. Both of my airbags came out, passenger and driver. The smell in there was so foul I almost got sick. I knew what I did when I put the car in park. My car was smoking. I knew it as soon as I unlocked my car door to get out.

The driver in front of me called back to me some names and accused me of going through a red light. You see, that’s not what happened. I merely didn’t have enough time to stop. Yes, of course, we all know it was my fault. Duh..

I called my mom in a frantic then dialed my manager’s number. There was a man that came out of his house to see if we were okay. I asked him if he thought my car would blow up, he told me to take my keys out of the ignition.

Okay. I looked at my car. NO WAY! It was done. I was done. The right side of my windshield was starting to shatter. My front lights came out. My hood was dented up. my dashboard was cracked. I tried to calm myself down, but there was nothing that would help me.

Even though, my mom came and hugged me. It was still my fault. Stupid, I told myself. I’m always so cautious, but what happened this time?

The police came, we told our stories, exchanged information and two cars were towed, including mine.

It was called “junk.” As I watched it being lifted up the ramp of the back of the tow truck, I was depressed. I LOVED that car. I LOVE that car still. My bonnie. New battery and all I just got a few weeks prior to that.

What if I didn’t switch lanes? What if I went another route? What if I left earlier or later? Would any of this have made a difference? Would I still be carless? Who knows.

Everyone was okay, including myself, except for a little scratch. They say that “cars can be replaced, but not lives.” I understand that, I really do. But, that doesn’t change the fact that my car is no longer drivable. Only the parts are usable. What’s that to me though?

It never should have happened. The question that sits in my mind is why did it seem as if the car two in front of me, randomly stopped.

I’m telling you that the car in front of me stopped. Why? Is it still ruled as my fault?

Well, that’s what I believe for now. Until its finalized. Until I get a phone call confirming that it WAS in fact my fault, I will wonder.

Now, I’m in the process of searching for a new car. That was my 1st car. I heard even if it were a newer car, it still wouldn’t have been able to survive. There was too much damage done to the car.

$400. Yup. That is what I received for my “junk” car. Are you kidding? That car was worth more than that! Do you realize I didn’t put much into that car. It didn’t have too many problems and when it did, I would fix it and move on. But not this time. No. It’s gone. It’s sad.

The issue is I don’t want a new one. I want my 1998 Pontiac Bonneville. Why?

It’s so stupid.

I guess I just have to get used to not having it. What else can you do?

It should have never happened…