While being 21…

22. Do you see that number? That is how old I will be tomorrow. Can you believe it? No, I can hardly comprehend that my birthday is already tomorrow.

21: Started my first semester at Temple.  Went to different places with ‘him.’: canopy tour. Scootering. State Penn.  My brother finished his senior year. I got surgery. I went trick or treating with my 2 brothers and ‘him.’  Went to my friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s Halloween party. Went to my friend’s Christmas party and met a guy. The start of 2011: Blockbuster closed. Our dog got skunked. First Valentine’s day in 2 years I was single. One year since we broke up. My older brother turned 24. I saw him less. I went to my first temple party. I drove up to Kutztown: the farthest distance I ever went by myself and I was proud. I met his father’s girlfriend. My other brother turned 18. I took my first summer class. I socialized more with my teachers. I got through math class. He turned 24. Went on many jobs with my dad. Went to Chicago with my 2 brothers and ‘him.’ Went on my 1st airplane ride. Visited my friend in Jersey, second time I drove somewhere by myself.My grandma’s surprise party. Worked out and got a little color to my skin. Felt better about myself. Drove 11 hours with my older brother to Tennessee. Went on my 2nd airplane ride. Life without my older brother.. continued.. My 2nd car accident. Day trip with my brother and ‘him’ while it was pouring in New York! Went out with friends before my birthday.

These are all the things I did as a 21-year-old.

Crazy times, right?

Well, goodbye 21, hello 22!! 😦

I hate getting older..


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