27 minutes..

The words “It’s 12:00 am, it’s no longer your birthday” echoed in my mind over and over. Time to go back to reality. Time to go back to life. It’s not as if just because it was my birthday life momentarily stopped, it was just.. continued, but with a narrower perspective.

Exactly 10 minutes ago, it was my birthday, August 21st, 2011. The big 22. But now, my 22nd birthday is in the past. It is merely “yesterday.” When I talk about this day later on, it will be called “yesterday.”

Why does it feel as if days fly right past you like a speeding car? I KNEW it would go fast. I didn’t expect it to be THIS fast.

My birthday was what I geared up for. You see, summer is coming to a close and my birthday was one of the last things I looked forward to. What is there now? School? It’s starts next week. Of course I like school, but am I ready for it? Am I prepared to think like ‘that’ again so soon? It doesn’t matter if I am because ready or not, here it comes. It is here like a fast approaching storm.

I sit here thinking all of these thoughts about the summer and choke up. I have approximately 1 week until I attend my first day back to college.

Just yesterday morning I was getting prepared to start the day I turned 22. The names that were said were “birthday girl” “it’s your birthday” etc. Now, it nothing more than an Ok, yesterday was your birthday, but today isn’t, you’ve had your fun, now let’s do some chores around the house.”

It’s almost depressing if you think about the situation. But the same thing will occur to another person at the end of today as well. They will have the same thoughts circulating through their mind and become sad also. It’s a cycle if you analyze birthdays. It’s here one day, gone the next. Does it sort of sound familiar? Oh yeah. Life. Death. Moving on.

It’s such a hard concept for me to grasp: Just move on. I hold onto many things and dread change. I understand that it’s impossible to have situations the same forever. I just hate how drastic and quickly it happens. Life is unfair. You will learn that as well now or as you get older. It’s a pain.

23 minutes ago now. How could it have went by so rapidly?

Change hurts.


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