Hurricane Irene.


10:00 am — Take a peek at the way the sky currently appears.

The thunder rumbles so loud it shakes your house. The rain pours so hard it leaks through your ceiling. The lightning is so bright it creates the electrical powerline to spark and you are without power. The wind is so strong the trees blow side to side.

Hurricane Irene has hit around the Pennsylvania area and she’s an angry woman. It seems she wants to get back at anyone who has ever done her wrong.

Places such as New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are flooded. The water is so high on some streets that they have closed that road.

On it reads, 10:00 am– Irene is now a tropical storm pushing northeast toward Boston. Areas of NYC are dealing with flooding. Ten people have reportedly been killed in the U.S. Nearly 4 million are without power along the East Coast.

According to PECO, 2,131 households in Bucks County were without power as of 8:15 p.m. Saturday.

This is a mean storm. It’s not over yet because the trees continue to blow at rapid speeds making them sway.

I, however, as of right now, 10:21am  am one of the lucky ones with power.

Questions? Comments? Email me at  or reply to my blog.  Let me know about how your area is doing.


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