A week of life without music.

A week without music. This article was in the Temple News. Before I sent this in, I shortened it, so this is the longer version. Enjoy!


It’s 7:10 a.m. and an upbeat song wakes me up to start my day. This occurs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the days I have class.

I usually listen to at least two songs before I get out of bed half asleep and get ready for another day of relentless babbling by teachers.

Music consumes most of my life, from listening to it in my car, when I’m getting ready in the morning, on train rides; it’s always there to turn to when I need a little escape.

I took on the challenge of erasing music from my life for a whole entire week. Even though, this is impossible at times, as there was music playing in stores or around campus, I chose not to be the one to physically turn it on.


I woke up frustrated that music wasn’t playing; it was a mere loud, annoying buzzing noise that irritated me from the start. As I began my homework, the thought of no music on this day was daunting. I NEEDED music. I always listen to a few songs upon getting up, as noted before, but this particular morning, the eerie silence just pissed me off.

Honestly, I woke up in a bad mood to say the least. The combination between no music and an all-day homework Sunday sucked.

Meanwhile, my lack of music in my car ended up being very strange. I began to observe the sound my car makes while driving, as well as how loud the cars around were.

I got through day one without music. But, usually at night is when I listen to music the most. I listen to it to let my mind wander through all the events that happened that day as well as what’s going on in my life. And to sit here and not have that was hard.

I am able to sit anyone with myself, but sometimes I want to escape to the event that happened at that moment of a particular song. I listen to some songs for a reason: I bring that memory back to life, to let it come out and play for a few minutes.

I do that most of the time when I hear a song. I think of a good memory, listen to “the song” that brings it back and sit there while it plays.


Yet again, I woke up with no radio and had to wake up quicker than normal not to fall back asleep. I had to set the alarm clock on my phone until 7:14, the time I usually get out of bed with radio alarm. Again, it was such a nuisance.

The train station is about a 10-minute ride from my house. Even though that doesn’t sound like a long time, I hated the idea of not putting on 94.5 pst and jamming to a good song.

Throughout the day I thought of music and song after song played in my mind.

Later on, I wanted to listen to music while I did my homework, but yet again, I was denied. I wanted to let my mind wander a little bit to stop thinking so much about all the homework I had to get done.

It was rather hard this day. This was the night I prepared myself for another day without music.

I guess I realized how much of an impact music has on my life. I don’t know what I would do without it. I had to go to bed early to avoid thinking about that new Cobra starship song “You make me feel.”


Today I figured out that I was now, musically frustrated. You know how many people are sexually frustrated, well I was musically.

It got harder as these songs continued to play in my mind. Doing activities such as homework was difficult for me. I kept thinking to myself, “oh I’ve got to listen to this song later.”

I swore, this day felt never-ending. It’s crazy how much I missed music. It was as if it died and I was going through a lose. You don’t realize something you have until it’s gone. I know it’s not even remotely close to losing a person, but I felt sadness as well.

I was in such an irritated mood and flipped out at other people who asked me the most mundane questions at times.

I tried to concentrate on homework as best as I could, since I didn’t have class this day.  As I thought of day four, I began to look forward to the weekend, when it was all over, more so than usual.


The car ride home was depressing. It was a gray and bland day and I couldn’t even listen to some music to mix it up a bit or make my day better. It was just a slow day.

Music affects my moods at times. When I want to be happy, I listen to an upbeat song. If I’m pissed, I listen to something to relax me or stressed, I listen to something that reminds me of a good memory I had in the past. You see, music is a good source for me to go to, without it, it’s almost… nothing.


I almost cried today because of music. That sounds pathetic, huh? I was going to full-blown cry like a child. I believe it’s out of frustration. Honestly, I’ve noticed this week I’ve been much more on edge.

I went to school in a fog just trying to tell myself two more days. The night before, I had a dream that I turned on the radio in my car and listened to music. It was an accident. When I woke up, I felt guilty. But then I realized it was merely a dream.


I drove up from Levittown, which is like forty-five minutes away from Temple to sleep over my friends’ house. The whole car ride consisted of silence. There was a traffic jam, which made my ride even longer, but that’s beside the point. Of course I could hear music in the other cars, which yet again, brought back my craving.

I longed for listening to a Rhianna song so bad I felt like an addict.


I woke up this morning knowing at approximately 12:01, I would be able to listen to my iPod. I thought to myself, if I get through today without going utterly insane, I will have listened to no music the whole week.

When this day came, you have no clue how happy I was. I can safely say I completed a week without music, at least no music that was in my own control.

I went through withdraws, frustrations, and irritations. I felt as if I was tripping or something. I felt so lost. But we can say, I conquered this challenge quite well.


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