2012? Really?

Days go by in the blink of an eye. Here comes Sunday then Monday and then Tuesday, etc. The cycle continues, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Nothing changes. The same days come and go without any notice. There’s no stopping a new year from coming. Even if you prolong it, nothing you do will matter.

2012 will be here in about 23 hours. Think of all the accomplishments you made this year, all the struggles you endured, all the pain you went through, all the triumphs you overcame & mostly, all the great memories that occurred in 2011.

It’s depressing to think that this year is over. After all, didn’t it just start. Didn’t I just begin pursuing my english degree at Temple? I swear. Didn’t flowers just bloom various shades of pinks, blues & purples? I promise. Didn’t summer just begin with a trip to Chicago and the hot sun beating down on us.

Is it seriously about to be 2012? With all the myths, predictions and theories about this year? Are we really here already? I don’t feel like 2011 is over though.  Do you feel it? Are you ready for another long year?

The thoughts begin to form in my mind about this year. OF course there will be change. You can’t avoid that. It’s a given.

Then, it happens. I begin to remember all the things about 2011. The smells. The fears. The wonders. The difficulties. The sadness. The gloom. THE CHANGE.

The two biggest events by far that have happened in the year 2011 was my brother moving to Knoxville to pursue his master’s degree at University of Tennessee & my younger brother graduating from high school.

Me? There will nothing. No new chapter that began. The same damn thing happened to me. I continued on the same bridge, while others fled. They altered their plans and went a different route. They moved from one thing to the next.

In this upcoming year, I hope that things get better for me. Maybe my life will have some zest. Let’s add some flavor this time.

Just think in about 23 hours we will leave 2011 behind and enter into 2012.

Let’s start this year off right everyone!.



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