2012: College Graduation.

Since we are now in the year 2012, let’s put everything out there. It’s not scary like so many others made it out to be. I thought this world would be consumed of frightful figures & dangerous clowns. It is nothing more than the same except it reads: 2012.

This year will be filled with almost as many changes as the previous one. The biggest one will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English. It is the scariest, deadliest, & terrifying alteration in my life. This will be the largest transition of my life. I’m running with the big boys so to speak.

No more school to protect me. I will enter into the world of big corporations, adulthood, & masterpiece. I can’t hide under the books anymore. This is no joke, it’s my life we are talking about here.

So, even though the guns will be out and I won’t take this lightly, I need to have fun. I can’t become a stuck-up individual consumed with her studies whose only concern is reading. I realize that fun must be in my vocabulary as well.

We’ve entered into the world of 2012, where big things emerge. “This will be your year” is plastered on my wall. But, really, will it be?

Isn’t that what everyone says once we move onto the next year? People always believe this statement but I’m beginning to question whether it’s true or not. Last year was clogged up with worrying too much about my former bf than myself at times. It’s a new year. We are just friends, nothing more. I’m accepting it and finally moving on after countless months of being attached to him.

Now that it’s over, I can focus on my own well-being. What does Hope Kumor want sort of thing. That sounds like a great plan to me.

What are YOUR resolutions anyway?


❤ Hope Kumor


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