“Prince Charming.”

I know that most girls have their fantasies that they dream up as they search for a guy to date. Girls want a guy to risk his life for her and sacrifice himself in order to save her. They fantasize about the idea that the man will jump through every obstacle to help her. What’s missing here is would she do it for him? That’s what it comes down to here. Before we start to dream up our prince charming, girls we have to think logically. If the shoe were on the other foot, would you conquer this challenge to assist him in the same way? We are partners right. We should do the same thing. This is where girls get confused. They think that the man has to do all the work while they sit back and watch. Is that really fair?

The problem is that movies, magazines, and TV shows play up this fantasy of “prince charming.” In almost every romantic movie, you see this occurring. It’s the same thing where the pair has a fight, one of them runs off and in the end, the guy chases her, tells her he’s made a mistake and they live happily ever after. Does it sound oddly familiar? Well, it should. However, even so, there is a possibility that this sort of thing could happen to you, but really, it’s unlikely. Movies such as “The Notebook” are mostly fictionalized to make audiences think that relationships are like that. Come on folks, you know by now that it’s unrealistic. Most of the time, it’s a bunch of crappy lines that men say to get a girl to sleep with him.

Girls are so wrapped up with the fantasy that they forget about the small elements. They dream up their guy being like in the movies that if this doesn’t happen the way they want, their relationship may suffer.

Let’s give an example to go along with this fantasy idea. You know how most proposals are filled with romance and crying from the amount of happiness you feel? Well, my friend was recently proposed to in a different way from most. It took place in a parking lot. I realize this isn’t the typical location that this should happen, but she is his first girlfriend and he’s not the romantic type. She recounted how the ring slipped out of his pocket at the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store’s parking lot. He got on his knee and began the whole process of asking for her hand in marriage.

She did not cry, nor did she believe him. She had another image of how her proposal would play out. But, she was reassured after he said, “I love you and I can’t see my life without you,” she accepted.

The point is there was no romantic scenery, no grand dinner, no big spectacle, it was just a proposal. These things don’t always have to spell out romantic. Why does a proposal have to be a certain way? Why can’t it be like this because our society plays it up as a glamorized, huge moment?

This is what I’m talking about when I say this “fantasy” that girls go gaga over. And, guess what, in this moment, she told me that even though it wasn’t romantic, it was certainly memorable. As long as they love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together, the proposal doesn’t matter.

You know when you begin dating a guy, you have expectations that you wish to fulfill. For instance, when you receive your first kiss. Every girl has the fantasy of this happening in a romantic setting, maybe like holding hands ice skating. You skate together, and then fall on the ice. He looks at you and brushes the strands of hair out of your face and kisses you. This sounds like every other romance movie. But, at the same time, from all the movies out there, girls begin to develop this picture in their minds and the fantasy starts. This and books are where all the dreams are formed. It’s hard to avoid thinking these things when society hammers these ideas into our minds.

For the longest time, I believed these types of situations were real. But, as I grew up, I began to understand that it’s fictional. It’s a script that actors follow that convinces viewers that their relationship is truthful and believable. Even in my own previous relationship, my fantasy that our first kiss would be similar to the fairy-tale setting consumed my mind so much that I was a little disappointed with the outcome. I thought, maybe he would grab me and kiss me with passion in his eyes and lips. Instead, it was in a dark, cold park with the two of us sitting on a blanket and the kiss being dry and lacked passion.

These fantasies are tricking girls into thinking that all the firsts you’re suppose to have in a relationship will be perfect. There will only be good and positive memories between the two of you. There is no such thing as a glitch in the plan. That means men have to compete against the fictional ones in all the romantic movies. They have to step up and be able to somehow simulate the situations that happen in these films.

To all the men out there: Good luck.

❤ Hope Kumor


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