The special feeling that emerges when invited to parties with him.

June 25th, 2011: The day is set.

I am going with him to his dad/ girlfriend’s picnic. There is a slight chance of rain, but that doesn’t stop us from having it. He works this morning & we go around 3:30.

I am more so looking forward to it because I like spending time with his dad. I can’t really describe how I feel about going over there. I just feel special knowing his family, being invited, & helping him with things. I’m the type that likes to make people happy. In a way, I strive to do things for him so he can tell his dad & then he will realize that I am good for his son. It’s not a boyfriend/girlfriend thing, it’s more of a “I like to be needed.” I can’t explain it too well, I just feel welcome at his dad’s.

I am always nervous when we arrive. Not knowing who will be there, besides his dad & girlfriend makes me apprehensive. I don’t want to follow him like a puppy dog, so I usually scope out who is there I can talk to.

His dad’s gf, Sue greets me with a hug. Then, does the same to him. She tells us that his dad is in the back & if we wanted anything to drink or eat, don’t be afraid. When we walk to the backyard, we see his dad & his 2 uncles. His dad gives me a hug and they all ask how we are. The sun is blazing, but it turns out to be a nice day.

Then, his dad tells us to sit down & he shares a story with his dad, which he regretted later. You see, sometimes his dad makes situations worse than they are, which in turn makes him not want to tell him something.

His father’s friends were sitting around busting his dad, like the other party I attended. This is a funny sort of thing that I feel included in. I know the jokes, I’ve heard them before & never feel left out.

As the party continues, he asks me if I want to take a walk. Sure, why not? This is where he tells me he is bored & doesn’t know what to say to his family. His own family & there were no words left to mutter. How is that possible? Just the way it is.

Eventually we go back and a crazy woman, whom I met before comes up and starts talking to me. Just to give you a bit of an insight on her. She’s a bit eccentric & speaks in a very loud tone. Even though she’s weird, I like her.

“I” am in my clutch the whole rest of the party. There is no way getting away from her. She always comes back. She is like a leech that never wants to leave you. At the same time, I don’t want to be rude just randomly walking away from her. Everyone around me knows that I was in trouble, but no one steps in to save me, except him & Sue’s son.

They ask me if I want to play bean toss. DUH! Finally, I am out. I stay with them until we leave the picnic. Even though I am terrible at that game, as is Sue’s son, but it is all in fun.

There is one thing we all notice. After I do my thing with the boys, she is silent. No words come out of her mouth. She is solemn & relaxed. She isn’t herself. She is comfortable being “her” with me, but as I play, the volume of voices gets lower.

We all have such a great time.

But, I always have fun with him. He is my best friend. I just want what’s best for him & I would help him out in ANY WAY I can.

As we leave, we say bye to everyone, but somehow missed saying bye to crazy woman. How is that possible?

I always have a special feeling when I attend events where his family is at. All the time.

❤ Hope Kumor


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