What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

So, I posted on my Facebook page: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Even though I only got 4 responses, they’re enough:

“It’s an excuse for businesses to make banking, and for men to get laid.. lol.. but seriously.. it’s a day to celebrate love.. :D”

“It’s a day of mourning.”

“An excuse to eat candy.”

“It’s an orgy of cash and glucose!!!”

Despite enjoying all of the lovely, dovey stuff, in part, I believe it’s a holiday where companies make some real money.

Think about how many people go out & buy cards, candy or anything else “romantic” they can find. Retailers always display all their products out in the open in hopes of selling their merchandise in a quicker manner.

What about flowers? Women love flowers: bright pink, bright red, any kind. Places that sell flowers make a decent amount of money every year. Women are suckers for flowers & candy.

Another store that makes lots of dough this time of year, candy shops. Even though this is all cliché stuff, it will never get old, it will never die. Sorry men. For the rest of your lives, you must give your soul to the candy shops, flower places and card companies around this time of year.

Why not get creative and start a new tradition. How about books? Can’t a book be a product to buy this time of year? Why? Because movies don’t emphasize this so you must steer clear of it? It’s not good enough for you ladies?

I know men, it’s hard to please a lady if you don’t go for a general item. Even if you start your own tradition, she may still wonder when her bouquet will emerge from your hands. She will inquire where you’re hiding her Hershey kisses.

Unless you have a special girl who doesn’t like the cliché, you will be sorry if you don’t pick out the right items.

And, ladies, I guess chocolates never get old? Instead of asking where the candy is this year, just appreciate what he gets you. Guess what? He didn’t have to get you a thing.

I’m not bitter, I just think that companies are out to get us, that’s all.

Happy pre-Valentine’s Day, my loves!

Let me know how it goes. Post it here!

❤ Hope Kumor


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