For “Our Edwin Joseph Ness”

17 years.

17 years ago today a boy was born, his name was Edwin Joseph Ness. He was the youngest of 4. He had curly hair & fair skin. He had a love for Tommy Pickles & he let everyone know it. He had one of the sweetest, cutest faces that at times, you just wanted to eat up. He loved swimming in the pool & playing activities outside with his brother and two sisters. He was the baby of the family, “Our Eddie” my grandmother would say at family gatherings. Of course, this is what she would call everyone at one point or another. “Our Melissa,” for his sister, or “Our James” for his brother.

But, he no longer gets to go swimming because his life was taken away at such an early age it disgusts me, 6 years old. He explicitly said to his mother a few weeks prior to his death that he was going to die. She brushed it off thinking it was one of those little kid things. You know some of those crazy thoughts or ideas kids say or come up with? One of those. But, it wasn’t. It was the truth.

It’s so painful to think about, but today he would have been 17 years old. The thoughts that encircle my mind are he never had a chance to live out his childhood, it was taken away too quickly and was horrid for his brother & sister who witnessed this horrific trauma right before their eyes. I can’t even imagine witnessing my brother go through that. One of his brothers friends brought a thumbtack game that costed “Our Eddie’s” life. He sucked in the device you were suppose to blow out, which caused the thumbtack to get caught in his throat. Even though 9-1-1 was called, it was too late. There wasn’t enough time.

Even though “Our Edwin” is gone, I still think about him a lot. He lives in my heart and mind and I miss him to pieces. I loved my cousin very much & I wish him the happiest birthday today, February 24th!

Happy Birthday, Eddie, my love.! 🙂  I miss you so much. RIP.


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