The perfect New York trip.

When my alarm went off at 8:00 and I knew I had to get out of bed by 8:30 since we were going to New York City, I felt frustrated because before anything, I needed to do more homework. I completed some of it, then woke up my brother so he could get ready. Next… Continue reading The perfect New York trip.


Mr. creepy.

Creepy men hit on me. Yes, this is the story of my life. Even though I’m an attractive girl, weird men believe that they can snag me by winking, charming, and checking me out. I can’t get away from these men that think its okay that their 30 and I’m 22 and hitting on me… Continue reading Mr. creepy.


There’s just nothing without customers.

When I walked in, there were very few human beings in the store. There were many untouched books. There were many toys without children's dorito encrusted hands laid all over them. There were nook tablets that didn't have fingerprints all over the screen. The V-cart that carries the books laid unempty since the store was slow. I… Continue reading There’s just nothing without customers.