He needs me, I swear!

He gets up, does his “stuff,” goes to work, comes home, eats, does his “stuff” again, and watches some TV.

The next day: He gets up, does his “stuff,” goes to work, comes home, eats, does his “stuff” again, and watches some TV.

Every Monday-Friday he performs the same routine. Does this sound boring to you? There is emptiness that lives inside of him. He has nothing. He doesn’t really have anybody and it pains me. I can’t help but wonder if he will ever really pull the plug. Come on everyone, you know what I mean: suicide.

I feel the need to watch over him like a worried mother. I feel as if I should check up on him, but I have some many other things going on I don’t have the time to constantly ask him how’s he doing. Plus, he doesn’t need me to do that, nor would I want to be that way. I think about him sometimes, worry about him, cry for him. I can’t help it.

I swear he needs me. I feel for him so bad at times I’m in pain myself. He is my best friend & I would do anything for him. I go out of my way for him. Even if he doesn’t do the same in return, it makes me feel good.

I HAVE to continue to do everything I can for him, but at the same time, I can’t forget about myself. This happens at times since I put his needs over mine. He doesn’t ask me to, I just automatically do it. It’s like a routine myself.

I feel the same as well. I’m very bored with my current situation. Even though I’m in school, getting a good education, I feel unsatisfied with it.

My schedule isn’t as unfulfilling as him, but it can take a toll on anyone who gets tired of it. I need to find the happy medium & just accept it.

Trust me, I will miss my current schedule in a year when I graduate, but for now I sit here and tell you how bored I am.

But, he needs me, I swear I can feel it.


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