There’s just nothing without customers.

When I walked in, there were very few human beings in the store. There were many untouched books. There were many toys without children’s dorito encrusted hands laid all over them. There were nook tablets that didn’t have fingerprints all over the screen.

The V-cart that carries the books laid unempty since the store was slow. I shuffled around looking for something to do, anything to do. There was nothing, absolutely zero to do without customers. We need them to run the store. I know you also need employees, but without people, the store is dead.

I realized that the other day as I was working. Though, it’s such a dumb thing to realize just now, but even so, it hit me. Work has been slow and I dig things out of my ass to do. Sometimes I search, sift and look for anything to do. Any type of reshelves. The employees will fight over them like animals in the wild. It occupies you for at least five minutes until you are unbelievably bored once more.

You can’t do anything except bear the eight hours of torture. Eight hours with nothing to do is horrendous. You just want to find something to eat up those hours so you don’t go insane!

I hope work picks up. There’s just nothing without customers!


One thought on “There’s just nothing without customers.

  1. You say that until a bunch of people show up and REALLY give you something to do. Some of our customers leave things anywhere and everywhere, sometimes when it would literally be easier to put right back where they got it. But I understand that feeling. Good luck with occupying your time. Hope business picks up.

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