Mr. creepy.

Creepy men hit on me. Yes, this is the story of my life. Even though I’m an attractive girl, weird men believe that they can snag me by winking, charming, and checking me out. I can’t get away from these men that think its okay that their 30 and I’m 22 and hitting on me is normal. Well, let me tell you something, it’s not.

The other day as I was working at Barnes & Noble, these two men came over to ask for some help. But, as I came from behind the counter the look on their faces said it all. The man said out loud, “wow,” and looked me up and down. Even though he was embarrassed to the core because on accident, I heard him say those words, this sort of display still disgusted me. He and his buddy must have been in their late 30s, though I can never judge another’s age even if it hit me on the head. But, as they walked off, they sort of apologized and give me these cheesy smiles as if I would forget what just happened.

I hate to break this to you, but this isn’t the first time a pervy man has ogled at me and it certainly won’t be the last. I haven’t been stalked as of right now, though I probably just jinxed myself. Let’s knock on wood here, people. I believe it comes from being such a nice, sweet girl. Maybe I need to have a tougher, meaner exterior. Do those types of girls get hit on by creepy men? I think not!

I’ve read somewhere that a bookstore is ranked one of the highest places to be picked up. Maybe because the man will think you’re intelligent and wise? Nevertheless, it’s not alright.

It happens everywhere. On the train I ride to school, in work and even sometimes when I’m out gallivanting. You can tell when the man is weird. You usually know by the way he looks, his features, the way in which he displays himself, the way his eyes shift from your face to your breasts. You just know.

Another example of my creepers clinging to me story? Oh, I thought you’d never ask.

This guy used to always give me these rather odd stares as he got on the train stop after me. The stares would turn into smiles as he boarded the train, on the same days as me, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I would see him at school and his eyes would move in my direction, give me a gaping look and walk past. I’m even surprised he never stopped to talk and take in my sensual amber scent from Bath & Body works. That would have been too over the top of course.

One day a few weeks ago, as I started school, I noticed his presence no longer on the train.  I was happy that I wouldn’t have to see his creepy face walk on and sit on a seat near me. However, I went to the library to study one day and guess who was sitting there, Mr. creepy. As I sat at the computer to check my email, he walked over to me, sat down next to me and started up a conversation. He asked me my name, major, and what high school I went to, inquiring about my life as if we knew one another for years. Stupidly, I answered his questions, but in a rather quick matter without much enthusiasm or emphasis. He didn’t even take the time to notice that I was disinterested and unfocused on him. I was more so looking to see if I got an email from my editor about an article, but yet, he kept seeking information about my life. Who was this guy anyway? He was another senseless, strange man who was totally oblivious. As I got up to leave the library, his full attention was on me as I hurriedly walked in the opposite direction of him.

So to conclude this interesting creeper tale, never tell the man too much or he might just become a stalker of yours who puts your life in danger. I didn’t stick around long enough to tell him the amount of information that would ultimately get me in trouble. So, just beware folks!


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