I have nothing for him & his “secret plan.”

We talk on the phone almost every Friday. It’s always the same drill. Mostly I describe my whole week by telling stories & other things that I think will interest him. Whether he laughs or not, it’s up to him. I mean, that’s the whole point of telling him, in order to make him laugh. Most of the time, he responds with “nothing much has … Continue reading I have nothing for him & his “secret plan.”

Please.. just leave!

As the sunlight shines through my discolored blinds, I feel weird. I feel different this morning when I woke up to 94.5 pst. I can’t really describe it to you. It’s more of a calm, at peace feeling. There’s silence. This allows you to sit and think about every thought imaginable. Except, there might be the occasional fire engine or ambulance or bird that pokes … Continue reading Please.. just leave!

Writing & learning go hand in hand.

You know how something happens and it gives you inspiration to write? Well, whenever I hang out with him, afterward, I feel as if I can describe everything around me, including the way he looks at me, what we did, how I felt. I FEEL the urge to write, to recall all of the facts that happened, all of them. It’s not to say that … Continue reading Writing & learning go hand in hand.