Writing & learning go hand in hand.

You know how something happens and it gives you inspiration to write? Well, whenever I hang out with him, afterward, I feel as if I can describe everything around me, including the way he looks at me, what we did, how I felt. I FEEL the urge to write, to recall all of the facts that happened, all of them. It’s not to say that I don’t have inspiration if we don’t hang out, it’s just, it comes so naturally with him.

I love to write. That’s all there is to it. I love being able to share my every thought with the world and not care if someone is judging me. They will never see me. They can’t witness the expression on my face as I erase and re-write all of my passages.

It’s seems so easy to write. The only voice that emerges is your own. You’re not cut off by someone who is consumed with themselve. You have the ability to write when you want, what you want & how you want. There’s no one in a judgment booth complaining about the amount you have produced. You just do it without fights or arguments. The audience reads it and judges for themselve.

You can choose any topic. For all you want, you can write about Pokemon characters.

And, that’s what I love about writing. I tend to make friends with the people who talk about themselves 24/7 with hardly any pauses in between. Or, if they do pause, it’s to eat that slice of pizza that’s gotten cold or maybe just maybe let you talk for a few minutes. You see, here, there is nothing like that to worry about. There’s no one to talk over you as you tell your story. There’s no one to interrupt you in the midst of a thought.

That’s why I have the passion & drive to become a writer. Currently, I’m in school studying English. It can be hard at times when you take courses that you will never use. What’s the point? Remember, in every course that you’re taking, you’re learning something new. That’s how I try to see it. Even if I’m taking a class on Shakespeare, let’s just say that you will know a heck of a lot of facts that you never knew about this guy. That’s what’s so great about learning too! There’s no stopping or pausing. You learn something new EVERY DAY.

Writing & learning go hand in hand. They both allow you to never stop something. You can write & learn all you want. Who is stopping you? There’s no one there to pull the plug on you. No one can make you quit either one of these.

That’s why you must keep on doing both & don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You must be the best you can be & that’s all.


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