I’ll be ready soon.

There’s a line that begins to form at work. But, it’s not so uncontrollable that I can’t handle it. After all, there is someone else there to help, but he’s busy at the time. This ended up being a good thing because then I wouldn’t have been able to talk to mr. cutie.

I’m waiting on customers when my eye catches these two guys. The first one is tall, and not my type at all, a bit of a dork. But, the second guy is cute as hell & even with the line of people, I wanted to talk to him, I had to talk to him. His friend was first. He asked for a grande coffee with a shot of espresso. Mr. cutie & I made eye contact. He wore all black, was about 5’4, brown hair & a little built, not too muscular, but good enough for me. I filled up his friend’s cup with coffee hoping that my other employee wouldn’t come over & ask for the next customer in line, which was mr. cutie. I hoped as I poured that coffee that he would stay over where he was. My wish was granted & I asked mr. cutie what he wanted. With a smile, he told me what his friend just ordered. Even though there was a line, I didn’t care that we had about a 30-second conversation while the others had to patiently wait. I saw in his hand a GRE book. So, I inquired about it. He just signed up for the test & needed to study for it asap. Then, he asked me if I was taking the test. “No,” I replied, “But I know a lot of people who took it. Good luck!”

Honestly, it was nothing at all. He just had a great smile & was cute as hell! Our interaction was merely a few seconds, but I took it as a sign telling me I’m almost ready for my next mister.

I’ve been seeing some cute guys around. The other day, as I headed for the train, I saw this adorable guy sitting at this table. I looked at him, he looked at me and we held eye contact as I walked past. I swear I felt so nervous because I haven’t made that much eye contact with a guy I was interested in in a long time. I haven’t had a boyfriend in 2 years & I think I’m beginning to head in that direction. I mean, I hope I’ll be okay, I hope I’ll be prepared for what’s in store.

I’m not jumping to any conclusions at this point. Currently, I’m not even thinking about a guy. I’m more so focused on my career, the big question: WHAT WILL YOU DO AFTER YOU GRADUATE?

I’m pretty sure THAT is more important than a guy right now. However, if a guy comes along in the meantime, then he does, but I’m no longer looking, pinning for a guy. That’s all folks!

I’ll be ready soon..


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