A life & a death.

I watch the clock tick minute by minute, closer and closer to May 27th, the day. Two things occurred on this day, a death and a birth. It’s the day my younger brother was born and my cousin died. This day looms over all of us every time it comes around, every time it rears its ugly head we think about what happened 11 years ago and 19 years. My younger brother is 19 today, while my cousin would have been 17.

The thunder becomes louder and louder and the flashes become brighter. I feel nervous. The feeling in my stomach won’t go away. It’s a sick type of feeling. Though we are celebrating my brother’s birthday, we mustn’t forget that someone so close and dear to us left this earth on this day.

My dad says, Hey buddy. How does it feel to be 19?  He remarks, I’m not 19 yet.  How could you help not feeling sad and utterly devastated on this day? Meanwhile, you’re celebrating a birthday? Every year this day comes, we are reminded of that lonely Sunday, May 27th 2001 when our Edwin Ness’s body shut down for good. It’s horrible, sickening, terrible, heart-wrenching, unbearable, and most of all, depressing.

I loved him very much & will always think about him.

RIP, Edwin Joseph Ness, We miss you dearly.


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