Oh, Warped Tour 2012

Bands, independent singers, crowds of people strange and normal, purple & blue haired, screaming fans needing to see “their” band. They are waiting to rush into the doors of Warped Tour 2012 in Camden, New Jersey.

As my cousin & I waited to enter, we saw various types of people. Many were obnoxiously shouting at one another while at a close distance to be an ass. During the day, there were a number of rude people who bumped into us without even a glance or an apology.

Passionate fans who closed their eyes & sung along were present, were in the tents where the bands played. It was incredible to watch their fans scream “I love you.” You can tell that music is apart of their lives. The bands & fans LIVE for this type of stuff. They will pay ANYTHING to see their favorite band live. My cousin is one of them. She is a dedicated fan who will go no matter what. I, on the other hand, went to keep her company. I knew about 4 out of the 17 bands. I just went to do something different. There was no other reason than that. Well that and to spend time with her.

I followed her like a puppy dog through crowds of shouting fans. I hated that. I hated following her all around. I wanted to do ‘my’ own thing some of the time, but who the hell did I know? What did I know about these bands? She saw almost 10 people who she stopped & talked to. Meanwhile, I stood there like an idiot smiling & laughing, trying to be friendly while she never even introduced me. I was only introduced to about 2 out of the 10? I had NO clue who he or she was. It was only for a minute, but still. That minute was very uncomfortable, to stand there awkwardly with someone you have no clue is. She told me “he’s in the band…..” Uh.. okay, sure, right. What’s the band called again? No clue.

Awkward pauses. Weird people. Passionate fans. Screaming singers. Loud, upbeat stages. Crowd surfing. Mosh Pits. Bloody noses. Cut eyebrows. Injured shoulder. Hand jobs. Making out. Dancing. Singing Along. Grinding. Hands, arms around one another. Laughing. Smiling. Shouting. Drunkards. Beer. $12.00 Chicken Tender Meals. $4.75 Pretzels. $3.00 Water Bottles. Food Everywhere. Garbage Blowing In The Wind. Money. Merchandise. MUSIC.!

These are the words that I associate with Warped Tour 2012. A girl stuck her hand down her man’s pants & stroked his package while he made pleasuring face gestures. It was utterly disturbing, but it was done in public.

At the end, my cousin said to me, “would you go again next year?” I stopped & wondered if I wanted to. Some of the time, I was a little bored. I stood there while everyone sung along. I was pushed, shoved & bumped . Would I go again when I don’t even know half of the bands? Maybe, but most likely not, unless someone else accompanies her & I.

Though, in the end, her & I did get closer. Our relationship has formed into a friendship & I do like it. It’s refreshing to become close to your cousin when our family has been so separated all these years. It’s a good thing.

But, all I have to say is, Oh, Warped Tour 2012.


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