So, I’m done being pathetic.

Sign on. Sign off. Refresh. Reload. That’s what I’ve been doing the past few days since I friend requested one of my friend’s friend because I thought he was cute. Weird. Strange. And, also really unnatural of me. But, I felt compelled. Yes. I just wanted to do something different, something non-like my normal self. So, I wrote my friend a message that two of his friends were cute & I friend requested them.

Later on, he wrote me back & told me he was setting me up with one of them. Okay. Uh. I didn’t want THAT. I was simply telling him, letting him know. I didn’t expect him to say that.

What did I want?

What was I looking for?

I’m not sure.

In order to avoid the strangeness, I wrote the cute guy a message simply stating that after I saw him on my friend’s feed, I noticed he graduated from the university I attend. He majored in a subject I’m interested in & wanted to know if he landed a job. I didn’t want him to think I was strange, so I felt like it was best to do it like that.

That was all. Nothing strange about a normal question. Well, he said that he wouldn’t have accepted my request if he thought I was strange. How cute. Right? Kind of? Unfortunately, he hasn’t found a job in that industry, but he’s searching.

Okay. Typical answer. I should have stopped there & let it go, but you know me. I want what I want NOW. I can’t wait. What would you say after that? Basically, I told him good luck. Right. But, I kind of didn’t want to quit there because I wanted more. I wanted to talk to him more. Kind of know him? I’ve never met him, seen him or heard of him. I had NO other encounters with this guy. I just based him on his looks. That’s all. Apparently, I was told he accepted ME based on my looks as well. I’m cute. Yup. But, that was all.

We talked for a few minutes after that, but that was all. That was IT. He didn’t seem to want to talk. I can’t make him. And, besides, why would I? He could be a total jerk. Who knows? He just didn’t seem all that interested in talking to me anyway. There’s nothing to “give up” on because there’s nothing there. It’s so pathetic. Look at me now talking to a guy I don’t even know hoping he will write back to me. How dumb & stupid.

What do YOU think?

No reason to message him back. I believe if I did, I would just look even more pathetic than I do now.

This is what will most likely happen. I read the messages over, about three-four times more. Then, I think Why didn’t I say “that.” I continue to think about it for a number of days. Eventually, I’ll forget about him. Who is he anyway? No one I want to know if he won’t give an amazing, great girl like me a simply conversation. I’m not trying to sound conceded, but I’m an extremely nice, sweet, cute girl. Any guy would be lucky to have me. You have NO clue how long it took for me to say that about myself. Geez. I know.

But, after all that mumbo jumbo, let’s talk to a guy who is clearly interested in me.!

So, therefore, I’m done being pathetic.


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