Oh, gosh, and I’m stuck.

Choose. Pick. Decide. Ponder. Wonder. Consider. Think. Options.

Big decisions are heading my way & I can barely catch my breath. Which route would be more beneficial for my career? Which one will steer me in the right direction? No matter which one I choose, I’ll be scared as hell. There’s always the possibility of being wrong. Wrongfully choosing this route can lead one into a dead end. Which one is right?

4 months. That’s how I long I have. 4 months until I graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree.

Yesterday, I was just informed that in order to obtain an internship, I must take an internship class. That means  instead of searching & sifting through jobs for the spring, I would take the class & have an internship at the same time. That is the ONLY way I can acquire an internship. I’m left with so many internship options that I can’t even decide.

The two options I’m considering, and you never know, I may not get them, are NBC10 or Philadelphia Magazine. What’s my ultimate goal? To become a magazine writer, but at the same time, NBC10 is BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC. Which would be the better option? What do I want? Which do I choose?

I need to make a list of the pros & cons of each.

They are BOTH excellent opportunities, but I need to ask myself, which is more beneficial in the long run? Something tells me NBC10, but Philadelphia Magazine would be more convenient.

Oh, gosh, and I’m stuck.


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