It’s my birthday, so let’s have fun!

Another year gone by. So many things have changed. In a year, there can certainly be many alterations.

I’m 23 today. That’s what my age is. When people ask me, How old are you? I will reply, 23. It will change. It will be a new age for me.

I hate getting older & older every year. It’s horrible, terrible & disgusting. I hate each & every day that I get closer to death. You die a little bit each day. It’s rather sad & depressing.

But, maybe with this new age will come positive events in my life. Maybe life will become a bit more exciting & positive. Maybe good things are heading my way & I just don’t know it. Maybe. Think about all of the possibilities & big events coming with this age.

I graduate. I’m supposed to go into the “real” world. I’ll have my 3rd internship. Maybe have another relationship.

I hope this birthday will be the best yet. I hope I get all of my wishes just for one day. One Day. Let’s have a fun & delightful birthday with dancing, sharing some drinks with friends & enjoying myself.

I can’t believe today is my birthday. We’ve finally come to “the day.” I’ve been waiting for my birthday since last year.

It’s my birthday, so let’s have fun!


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