Gosh, I want to think optimistically, but it’s hard sometimes

I sit here thinking, wondering, pondering what to write. My feelings? My future? Graduation?

Two months. That’s all until I graduate from college. It really hit me tonight as I continue to write cover letters & revise my resume for internships, what happens if I don’t get any of them?!

Literally. What happens? I. Have.No.Idea. I don’t have another plan. “That” was my plan. The internship WAS my plan, IS my plan.

Recently, I sent a cover letter & resume to Cosmo. Yes, the women’s sex magazine. I want to write for them especially because if my resume has that on it, what company won’t want to snatch me up? Seriously.

I’m so apprehensive. You have no clue. What to do. What to do. What to do. What DO I do if I don’t get ANY of them?! Let’s be realistic. Let’s be truthful. It’s possible. It’s possible that my cover letter will suck in their eyes. They may hate it. Trash it. Burn it. Spit on it. That’s how the magazine industry works. It’s huge. And, that’s why I’m so nervous. I’m an average Joe. What do I bring to the table that others don’t? I have passion. They have passion. I have drive. They have drive. I believe that I have what it takes & so do they. See. I’m competing against these males & females with the killer resumes, while I don’t have much.

What will happen? Will I get it? What will come about?

Gosh, I want to think optimistically, but it’s hard sometimes.


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