He’s worth it & he’s my boyfriend.

He sits closer, looks into my eyes & says, I know that we’re really busy with homework, live a little distance apart, are a little different & are graduating in December, but I wanted to ask you, will you be my girlfriend?

On October 22nd, 2012, new guy asked me to be his girlfriend. Naturally, I accepted. My feelings for him have gotten stronger & stronger as time went on. The only issue I have is the amount of times he touches me. He always needs to touch me. Yes, I like him, but I’ve always had personal space issues. I don’t like to constantly be touched. I’m not like that. It turns me off. We talked about it & it’s all good.

He met my parents & I met his. So quick! So fast. It’s hard not to compare new guy to him, but new guy is a lot sweeter. He opens doors for me, pays, shuts the car door & offers to carry my belongings if I have too much in my hand, etc. He supports me. He’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. But, what is it?

I have so much to do. So much stuff to get done. But, this is real. My feelings are strong. This is a real relationship & it’s happening so fast. Slow. It. Down. I won’t be able to keep up. I will get left in the dust. We’ve got to gradually & slowly work through issues & problems that may arise from having a relationship. It’s a job. It’s not easy. It takes time, work, effort & patience.

But, as he tells me constantly, You’re worth it.

He’s worth it. & he’s my boyfriend.


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