Health & Fitness staff writer: Some final advice.

So, in the midst of preparing for final papers, final exams and final materials to hand in, some of us are also saying our final goodbyes. This may be my final semester at the big TU, but that doesn’t mean that I will forget where I started. I started as a health food junkie and I’m leaving here a health food junkie.

Through my numerous articles, I’ve given you a gift—some hearty healthy eating and exercising advice to snack on!  My hope is that you took some of my knowledge and incorporated it into your own life.

It seems that along the way, we usually learn something about ourselves. For me, I’ve learned that even though, while working out you may feel the burn, you should never give up. This pertains to life as well. You should never give up on your dreams just because someone tells you that you can’t because guess what ladies, you can! You can lose that weight. You can eat fruits and veggies instead of downing that entire carton of ice cream. It’s about portion and self-control.

Here’s a secret to share– I’ve struggled with weight all my life. From being rail thin in elementary school to thicker in middle school to feeling confident in college. I’ve progressed in such a rapid manner that now, I feel confident in my own skin.

Since winter break is fast approaching, this seems like the perfect opportunity to get fit. The holidays leave us indulging in cakes and desserts, but not this time. It’s your time to shine and scold yourself if you get off track. Try this on for size, get a friend to support you on this journey of healthy eating and/ or losing weight. Hey,you  just might find that it’s easier with a partner by your side!

Along with my constant reminder of healthy eating, I also want to bring up the articles I originally focused on in this past spring–relationships.  We may meet a special guy or gal along the way through our college journey. To you, maybe this sounds like a valedictorian speech or what not, but this is merely instances that occur in life during our studies. For myself, who knew I would meet a guy in my last semester at TU? You just never know who you’ll meet and find in the process. You could potentially find your soul mate at college.

I leave you with these final words, always believe in yourself and remember, if you want those Jillian Michaels’ abs I’m always referring to, you have to fight for them!

Stay in touch! Hopeandlove89@gmail.com



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