Oh, and, did I tell you how much I L.O.V.E Magazine Writing?!

Passions floating. Dreams coming true. Nervousness kicks in in high gear. Fears & emotions shine through me like the sun in the sky. I’m scared, petrified & apprehensive of my future, my relationship, my life.

I’m officially done school. I will either graduate next month or in May. The point is I’m done. No more homework. No more papers. No more classes. It’s depressingly sad & bitter-sweet at the same time. I feel so many ways I can hardly describe them. Happy. Sad. Nervous. Content. Glad.

Decisions. Decisions. Now, the time has come where I enter the “real world.” This “real world” that people speak about sounds as if it’s the end of the world. The question I hate to answer, “So, now that you’ve graduated, what’s next?” Don’t ask me such a question while every college student is struggling to make it in this so-called world because of the economy. In order to get your dream job, you need to have several components like EXPERIENCE & about FIVE DEGREES. How is that possible to achieve when we’re all struggling to get by, struggling with money?! No way, no how. It’s hard, but we must NEVER give up. I’ll NEVER give up on writing. I’ve been writing since the ripe age of 6? I’ve loved it ever since. To think back to when I was a child & I knew my career already. I KNEW I wanted to be a writer. Through the years, the question, “What kind?” came to mind. There were so many different ones: book writer, newspaper writer, business writer, blogger, freelancer or magazine writer. The last one was it. I KNEW it in my bones & every part of my body. I began reading & studying magazines, Cosmopolitan, which is my favorite, Self, Shape, Fitness, Glamour, Seventeen & Redbook. There were several to choose from on the shelf. I loved every minute of it. The style. The voice. The audience. I fell in love with magazines & my dream became a reality when I became the Health & Fitness staff writer for Her Campus Temple’s online magazine. THAT was my first exposure to writing for a magazine. I would create & think of pitches every week & write whatever my little heart desired.

Again, I fell even more in love with Magazine Writing. I wished that I minored in it instead of Spanish. I would have loved to major in that when I got to Temple, but I didn’t decide this until I got to Temple that I really WANTED magazine writing. Even though my passion lies in magazine writing & I didn’t major or minor in it, I still have experience with it.

I can’t even describe to you my feelings toward writing for magazines. From the fruitful & playful language to the celebrity interviews to the colorful pages. I love it all. The passion that lives inside of me & is intense. My hope is to bring it out full throttle WHEN I get a magazine writing job ;]

Oh, and, did I tell you how much I L.O.V.E Magazine Writing.


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