I can’t wait to spend the whole night with him on our very first Christmas <3

His lips on mine. His smile. His touch. His hugs. His braces.

This “him” I’m pertaining to is my boyfriend, not my ex.

And, I miss him. I love spending time with him. Our first Christmas is today. This will be my first Christmas with a boyfriend since 2009. The BEST boyfriend in the world. I can’t even describe to you my feelings for him. We’re crazy about each other. As I’m thinking back to that first elevator ride up to the 11th floor, I laugh & smile to myself. He just so happened to be on the elevator THAT day, at the same time as me. We talked. It was never awkward between us. We get along so well. We share stories, laugh, smile & giggle. Gosh do I miss him sitting here.

We will celebrate our first Christmas together as a couple.

You’re all I need, dear, he whispers in my ear as we cuddle on his couch. Those words are often said & he means it.

On our 2-month anniversary, which was the 22nd, I received a text from him, Two months by your side… I know maybe its not the longest time, but you mean more to me than youll ever know, Hope. Youre beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, unique and kind and im so lucky to have you in my life.  Talk about an amazing guy. 

At moments, I can’t even believe THIS is happening. It’s unreal, it’s a fantasy, it’s a dream. Wake me up soon because I don’t want to get my hopes up & begin to believe this is real life. It’s too perfect.

Gosh, he’s great & awesome.

Let’s count how many times he compliments me.

Then, he hands me a $5 bill for my toll & tells me he wants me to get home safe as we part ways. He’ll miss me.

His eyes are so sincere. He speaks in a soft, low voice to convey important messages, to assure me his feelings & that everything will be okay. He explains concepts & other things in elaborate ways in order for me to understand. He gets me & I get him.

He’s such a sweetheart. He constantly says, I’m so lucky to have you, when in reality, I AM the lucky one. I met a guy that would do ANYTHING for me. He supports me & doesn’t judge me.

I can’t wait to spend the whole night with him on our very first Christmas ❤


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