2013: Don’t plan that relationship.

meet someone.

BY    Hope Kumor

You see all your friends with their boyfriends hand and hand, arm and arm walking through Central Park. How romantic you think to yourself through grunted teeth. You’re jealous and you don’t want her to know it. Sound familiar?

Now-a-days, most people have a significant other and it’s not fair to the single gals and guys who continuously head to clubs,bars,meet-ups searching for their soul mate. The truth is that the harder you look, the more difficult it will be to find a partner.

The first thing I’m going to suggest to you is to quit “looking.” Instead of pinning for that smoking hot red head in the corner, act cool and let her come to you. Trust me, when you least expect it, it happens. It’s the worst thing in the world to frantically make your way to every woman who appears single and flirt with her. Whoa, buddy, clue in, that doesn’t always work, unless you’re lucky. Calm down and relax.

If you stop desperately needing a woman to fulfill you, it won’t happen. More often than not, people meet a partner while they aren’t looking.

After a summer of wanting a fling or a boyfriend, I stopped when I began my last semester of college. To my surprise, I met a guy and we’ve been dating for almost 3 months. This shows you that you don’t constantly need to be on the prowl in order to meet someone.

2013 is a new year and if you stop chasing after that hot guy you think you lock eyes with in a coffee shop, he may one day come up to you if you don’t plan your interaction.

You may come across someone special without evening trying.

I know that this might sound like a crock of crap, but it’s true. When this occurs, I want you to come back to me and say, Thank you, Hope Marie, you were right.

Let’s shake hands on it because you’re going to have a great year.

In 2013, you’re going to meet the man or woman of your dreams, as long as you don’t plan it.



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